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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Who Doesn't Enjoy a Good Christmas in July...When You Get a Sexy Santa

I love a good Christmas in July story. Latrivia Nelson's Seeking Santa has rounded out the calendar men with a sexy romance to put you in the mood for the mood for the holiday. So come on, start the fire, toss up some tinsel and climb into the sheets because Mr. December is hurrying down the chimney to join you.
Meet Mr. December
Alone during the Christmas holidays in a new city, Jade sets out on a mission to find happiness.

Sneak Peek
      Selma’s party was in Mid-town Memphis, in a rehabbed 1930’s bungalow-styled home that had been gutted and transformed into something worthy of style magazines.  Her best friend and maid of honor, Evey Hilliard, had pulled out all the stops for her friend.  In celebration of not only the wedding but the holiday, white Christmas lights had been strung across the property, making it light up the entire street.  A huge Christmas tree had been erected in the living room and the curtains drawn for everyone to see.  Foreign cars lined the quiet lane and old school Hip Hop music could be heard coming from inside the house as normally upscale professional women stood out laughing on the porch and drinking like sorority girls.  
      Jade parked and made her way inside with a bottle of Glenlivet 21 Scotch and present for Selma.  As soon as she walked in, she was greeted by a few of the bridesmaids and a few very inebriated ladies from work.  They put a pink lei around her neck and gave her a pink plastic cup of “wedding juice.”
      “It’s time to party!” Selma said, making her way around the corner with a hurricane glass full of alcohol. She had on a real party dress, hot red, tight, short, and sexy.  It screamed Christian Dior and further made Jade feel shabby.  As soon as Selma caught of glimpse of Jade, she threw her hands up. “Yes, you came!” she said,  prancing over and giving her a hug.  
      “I didn’t want to disappoint,” Jade said, handing off her gift.
      “Are you kidding,” Selma said, winking at her, “I had to get you here in hopes of getting you to forgive me for this morning.”
      “Mums is still the word,” Jade snickered.
      “Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in jeans before,” Selma said, stepping back. “You have quite the body on you.  Always keeping it hidden behind those suits.  Girl, you need to show your shit off every once in a while.”
      One of the other girls stammered over to join the conversation. “Well, I’ll be damned.  Jade is in the building.  And she brought her camel toe with her.” 
      All eyes went to the center of Jade’s pants, including Jade, who tried to look down but couldn’t quite see.
      “Yep, it’s out there,” Selma nodded. “But only a drunk bitch like Phyllis would notice and mention it.”
      Jade turned and looked toward the exit with a mind to bolt right of the door that she had just come in, but Selma saw her face and stopped her.  “You look fine.  In fact, you look great.”  
      “Where’s your restroom?” Jade asked.
      “Down the hall to the left,” Selma said, cutting her eyes at Phyllis.  “You really have no class.”
      “What?” Phyllis asked, shrugging her shoulders.  “When did camel toe become a crime?”
      Jade didn’t even knock before barging into the bathroom.  Slamming the door behind her and locking it, she found a long mirror hanging right behind it.  Talk about a godsend.  She looked down at her reflection and there it was.  CAMEL TOE.  The pants didn’t feel that tight at the house, but she didn’t see herself fully in the mirror, otherwise, she might have noticed the high-definition view of her vagina.
      “Son of bitch,” she said, shaking her head. Pulling at the crotch to give herself some room, she struggled in front of the mirror.
      “Bad night?” a deep baritone asked from behind the wall of the sink.
      Jade’s neck snapped toward the voice.  “The door was unlocked.  Sorry,” she said, wanting to just curl up and die.
      “I’m almost done. No worries.  Sounds like you need a minute away,” the man said, sounding pre-occupied. 
      “You aren’t doing number two, are you?” Jade asked, frowning up.  “Because that would just be the perfect end to my crazy day.”  She suddenly cut her breaths short as to not inhale anything that she might regret. 
      The man stepped out from behind the wall and smiled at her.  It was as if he expected a certain amount of reaction to his presence, because he had a smirk on his full lips.  “No number two.”  He looked her up and down. “No number one either.  Just getting dressed.”         Jade stopped in her tracks.  As their eyes met, her heart nearly stopped beating.  In only a satin red thong, a red Santa Claus hat and a white beard, the man who had been so cordial behind the wall approached her, nearly naked.  What a first impression?
      He stood over six feet, five inches tall, muscles carved to perfection from his wide shoulders to his slim waist to his unbelievable thighs.  He had a perfect tan – the kind that was made in the sun, not in a tanning bed.  Tribal tattoos were inked up and down both arms and across his monstrous chest.  Mossy green eyes glared under thick black lashes at her as she placed her hands instinctively over the front of her pants.
      This was not, after all, a man that she wanted to see her….camel toe.
      His eyes followed her hands to her crotch and instantly made him curious.  “I’m used to a woman being aroused, but…”
      Jade blinked. “What?  No.”
      He smiled, a dimple bursting in the left cheek of his square jaw.  “Okay.  What then?  You have to pee?  I can leave.  It’s almost time for me to go on anyway.” He didn’t know why but he felt strangely comfortable with the uncomfortable woman.  Something about her spirit was genuine.  Plus, she was pretty. 
      Jade rolled her eyes out of pure embarrassment. “I’d rather not say what’s wrong with me.” She looked like she wanted to cry. 
      An anxious knock at the door let him know it was time.  He walked up to her and moved her hair from her shoulder.  “Don’t stay in here so long that you miss my show.”  He smelled like coconut oil, and suddenly her mouth watered for a taste. 
      “Your show?”  She looked at his cock, eyes bright and in pure disbelief at the gigantic size.  Was that real? 
      He looked down passed his rock hard abdomen to the rock hard penis dangling in his costume only inches away from her. “Yeah, my show.  You didn’t think I was the cook, did you?” He winked at her,  slowly put his hands on her hips and moved her out of the way.  She moved hesitantly, keeping her crotch covered by her hands.
      “I didn’t pee myself or anything,” she explained.  “It’s far more cosmetic than that.”
      “I’m sure,” he nodded.  “Whatever it is, I can tell you in my line of business, I’ve seen worse.”
      She looked up at him, into his beautiful, enchanting eyes, and dared smile.  “Doubt it.”
      “Don’t take too long in here with your lady parts,” he joked. “I want to see you again.”
      Closing the door behind her, he left Jade there alone to slide down on the floor and catch her breath. WTF?!!

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