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I love romance and writing it is one of my greatest pleasures. Along with writing romance, I love sitting back and talking with authors that love romance just as much as I do. Since I've been reading romance since I was sixteen years old I am a book lover that still reads lots of books in a month. So, weekly I will also post my book picks. They may be picks that are new releases or maybe a favorite book of mine. On this blog you will see books featured by ALL romance genres.




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Friday, December 22, 2006

Romance at the Heart Review for Santa's Helper

Yvette Hines has set up the right amount of tension, lust, and erotic fancy to make Santa’s Helper a hit in the short books market. Nicole has suffered through a lot working for the Marcos. Christmas is here, and she is stuffed into an elf’s costume which is darn near too small, working not only at the store, but enlisted to help at the Marco’s Christmas party as well. To her, it seems as though she will never get away, never get to her dreams of David Marco, the middle son. Dressed as Santa, and walking into the room where his mother has the tree and wants the presents, he sees a sight luscious enough to make his eyes pop out. Leaning over, with her butt in the air is Nicole, and it is an invitation he is loathe to turn down, but must. He is not sure how she feels about him, nor how she would react to his advances. The night has a ways to go yet, and when his father makes the expansion announcement, he will take things from there, maybe. He wants Nicole badly, but not at the expense of losing her forever. Fate has another idea, and a dead battery, and a trip to Nicole’s apartment soon have the action on the road to hot! Santa’s Helper is a short Heat Sheet from Phaze.Com you won’t want to miss, so get along and find out how far and wide the sparks really fly when Nicole and David do get together, and get your copy of Santa’s Helper now!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Reviews, Fictionwise and Much More

Things have been looking up over the last few weeks, Santa's Helper has done very well in the review area and now it is number 1 for best rated erotica and Phaze number 1 rated erotica. To everyone who has bought the short story and read it, thanks. Thanks for the votes as well. Here are two more reviews. Enjoy!

1. This is a really hot romance with two very appealing characters. David and Nicole have a lot of chemistry, but just have not connected until the Christmas party. When they do connect, the pent up feelings are explosive. The other characters are well done also; Steve is very sleazy and Mrs. Marco is very abrasive until the end. This is another fun holiday Snuggler from Phaze.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

2. Santa’s Helper is a fun and sexy story that kept me smiling from the first page to the last. Nicole is having a bad Christmas Eve and to top it off she has to help out at her company’s annual party. David has decided that its now or never with this Santa’s elf. I found this story had me laughing by the end with the unexpected disclosures made to both David and Nicole. For a holiday story that will give you warm fuzzies, you won’t go wrong with Santa’s Helper. Joyfully Reviewed.
Next week, I will post the blurb and trailer for Speed Dating my BDSM short story due out in Feb 2007.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Romance Reviews Today!

I got another review for Santa's Helper. I'm so excited, my first time out the erotic gate and getting good reviews feels good. Here is the newest one. By the way this is on a 5 point rating scale, with Multiple O's being a 4. So I am very happy.

SANTA’S HELPER – Yvette Hines
ISBN: 1-59426-581- X
December 2006
Erotic Contemporary – Nibble
Rating: Pulsar
RRT Rating: Multiple O’s

Present Day

After three years of working at Marco’s department store, Nicole finally caught the attention of David Marco. Sure, it was only a small kiss on the cheek – thanks to some mistletoe – but David noticed her. Nicole makes even more of an impression that night at the Christmas party, when David sees her in her too-short elf skirt, bent over in front of the Christmas tree. Then the announcement is made that David will be in charge of a new store, in Denver. Will Nicole be able to tell him how she feels before he moves away forever?

Chosen to be the Christmas Elf this year, Nicole just may get her wish in SANTA’S HELPER. David has finally noticed her, but is it too late for them to have anything more than one passionate night? Find out in SANTA’S HELPER.

Jennifer Bishop - 12/5/06

Remember if you read Santa's Helper to e-mail me your reviews and I will post them on the blog site. The short story can be purchased with other holiday stories at www.phaze.com. Thanks again to everyone for their support.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Fan speaks on Santa's Helper

It started off HOT!!! The story line was good. I didn't expect David to be so Dominating. From the way he was described I expected him to be gentle and sensual. It was goo and could be a pretty good book as well. P.A. from Belguim

I love to hear what the fans think of Santa's Helper (www.phaze.com). If you have feedback send it to me and I'll post it. Thanks P.A. for the read and the response.

Other News:

I found out I was selected for another short story. Remember the BDSM I told you all I was working on. Speed Dating will be out February 2007. So, consider it for a Valentine's pick me up... in more ways than one.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Santa's Helper Released (click here)

Today is the big day. Santa's Helper is released. I am very excited. I have been sending promos out to a few places and I've set up interviews for the month. So, stay on the look out for what's coming up new. I look forward to hearing from the readers, please feel free to contact me (sasseyvettehines@yahoo.com). Here is a little teaser:


"Ho, ho, ho." A deep voice vibrated through the room.
Nicole stopped. Just the sound of David's voice caused her heart to speed up. Fearing if she moved too suddenly she would make a scene by passing out at his feet.
As she'd been alone in the room, Nicole hadn't thought about ladylike posturing when she leaned over, knees slightly bent with ass high in the air as she arranged the packages. Now she glanced over her shoulder and recognized David dressed in a Santa suit. Nicole watched as his gaze traveled across her backside. Heat flooded her sex as he eyed her.
Do you like what you see?
As if he'd heard her, David's burning stare suddenly met hers. Clearing his throat, he held up two gift bags in his hand. "I…someone just brought these."
Are you flustered, Mr. Marco? Smiling internally at the thought, Nicole stood up and walked toward him to retrieve the gifts. Taking the bags from him she purposely brushed his black gloved hands with her fingers. Strong hands. He even made the Santa Claus suit look sexy. Using this moment to turn on a little charm, she smiled at him and spoke softly, allowing her voice to take on an intimate tone. "Thank you, Santa."
His gaze dropped to her mouth.
Kiss me. Nicole begged.
For a moment, it appeared as if he would do just that as he leaned in. Instead, he quickly stepped back from her.
She kept her disappointment at bay.
"You know, Nicole, you don't have to be my mother's beck and call girl." He straightened his glasses on the bridge of his nose as if his small moment of weakness caused them to slip out of place.
"If I want to keep my job I do," she confirmed.
David shook his head. "No, Nicole, your job is not in jeopardy. Why do you think Mom gives you more responsibility then the other staff?"
A single shoulder lifted and dropped quickly. "Because I'm easier to push around."
He chuckled.
She liked the sound, deep and masculine.
"No. It's because she can trust that you'll do the job right the first time. Every time," he declared.
"You say, potato…I say potato." Nicole commented, nonchalant.
Returning to the tree, she added just enough sauciness in her steps to cause the skirt to bounce slightly up and down, showing off the top of her red and white stripped thigh-highs. Bending over at just the right angle, she gave him a full view of her green bloomers. She wished she'd the foresight to remove them so he could see her thong which matched her festive stockings.
Taking her time to right herself, she turned back to him. "Is there anything else I can do for you, Mr. Marco?"
Her breath hitched. She was afraid to breathe, hoping her Christmas wish would come true.


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