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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Enjoy a Purrfect 4th of July

Yvette Hines is known for her shifter romance. She is offering readers the last and final story in her Timberon Cat series. Oh, yes, the chameleon cats that readers love. Climb inside of a sensual, contemporary paranormal in the 12 Alphas 12 Months boxset....99 cents limited time.
~Meet Mr. April~
Stalking Nayla by Yvette Hines
Nayla is being hunted. Shimar has to keep her safe, but convincing her she's his mate is the real challenge.

Sneak peek below:

Hurrying, she was at almost a run. The revving engine let her know that her pursuers had picked up speed too.  Coming to the end of the deck, she saw an alleyway between the deck and the store. She considered ducking into it, but thought against it.
That’s how women get caught in movies.
“Bitch, stop!”
Pressing her hand to her chest to make sure the thin wallet stashed at the side of one of her breasts didn’t pop out, she began to run. Her low heels tapped fiercely on the concrete.
“Ah!” She screamed and struggled as someone grabbed her arm and yanked.
Dragged into the dark alleyway and pressed against the cool cement of the store, she fought against her captor blindly.
“Let me go, asshole!” She swung her fist and bucked her body as the grip tightened on one wrist and the weight of someone angled into her.
“Calm down—”
“You’ve messed with the wrong woman!” She bucked. Her language ghetto and menacing, evidence of her true roots. “Bastard, get off—”
His strength overpowered her, as he kept a hand over her mouth. “I’m not going to hurt you. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”
Mister Amber Eyes was staring down at her. He had six inches or so over her five ten height. She wasn’t sure where he’d come from, but a part of her mind was glad he was there.
She preferred this stranger to the group in the car, evidenced by her body’s response to him. Yes, her heart was racing, and it would be easy to see it as a fact of her running for her life. However, that didn’t explain her taut nipples, the instant ache in her body or the throbbing of her clit.
The raw scent of cinnamon and sage drew her to him, made her crave his naked skin sliding along her own.
What in the hell? This was no time for her to become aroused. There were men out to get her.
His own gaze was intense as he stared at her, hard. His muscles were tense, not just from holding her, but bunching and flexing as if he fought within himself. There was a deep V over the bridge of his nose as if he were perplexed about something. She even became aware of a slight tremor that shook his form.
With his hand still over her mouth, she couldn’t question him.
There was a wide arc of light coming from the street as the vehicle came to the alley.
“She went down there.” Someone shouted.
The alley was wide enough for a garbage truck to pass through, allowing the car plenty of space to pass.
She wiggled, trying to indicate to her stranger that they needed to go. Soon, the headlights would spotlight them and they’d be caught.
“Be still.” His voice was strong, sure, husky. “Trust me?”
Unsure why he questioned her on that since they hadn’t even really met, or why she was nodding her answer that she did. But, at the center of her core, her very being, she trusted them man.
The car barreled toward them, the beam illuminating the walls and trash littering the alleyway as it drew closer. Any moment the two of them would be spotted.
He leaned in closer and laid his mouth against her ear. “Forgive me,” he whispered, his warm breath captivating her, seducing her senses.
Forgive hi—
Like a strike of lightning, his hand was under her dress and between her thighs. He circumvented the edge her thong and was inside of her.
Two thick fingers were thrust all the way in her sex.
Shocked didn’t begin to explain how she felt. She squeaked and pressed her fists into his chest trying to move him.
“Keep still,” he growled the order.
She froze, as the headlights landed on them.
“Where the fuck is she?”
The harsh rays kept her from seeing who was speaking as the car stopped.
I’m right here. Why can’t they see us standing right here?
Three car doors slammed.
Shivers raced through her. We’re caught.

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