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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SASSE Talkin' with Author Alexandra O'Hurley

Hello SASSE Readers, let’s welcome Alexandra O’Hurley to our SASSE World. Have a seat and let’s talk.

SASSE: Tell the readers a little about yourself. You’re a very diverse writer. Have you always wanted to write? When did you know this was something you wanted to do professionally?

Alexandra: It all started for me when I read a terribly written erotic romance with no plot and thought to myself, heck, I could’ve written better than that!  I’ve always written poetry, so the transition to fiction was a leap, but I found my passion with that first book.  I’ve been writing for about eight years now and you’re right, I’ve written all over the genre map.  I tend to let my muse free and write whatever comes my way, from paranormal to historical to contemporaries and everything in between.

SASSE: Do you recall the first historical romance book you read? Is there a particular era you enjoy reading even if you don’t write it?

Alexandra: My first romance novel was a historical and it was one of those Zebra romances I found interestingly enough in my high school library.  Don’t ask me the title, but I’m fairly sure it had a kilted man on the cover, as they all did in the 80’s.  First read and I was hooked.  I devoured those things.  And as far as genre—I adore the Gibson Girl, so the turn of the century, anywhere from 1880-1920 is my love.  I’ve written one story set in that period, Being Improper.

SASSE:  Can you explain to the readers about His Vow? Where did the idea come from?

Alexandra: Explaining His Vow would take a lot more room than I’ve got.  I like to call it my everything but the kitchen sink story – because it’s a little bit of a lot of things. It’s a mixture of historical and contemporary elements as well as paranormal.  There’s a little bit of time travel and a little tiny touch of horror, but at the heart of this story is an erotic romance that time and space won’t hold back.  The story came from a dream.  That started the ball rolling. 

SASSE: I see this is the first book in Ghosts of New Orleans series. Without giving too much away, what else can we expect coming up in other stories?

Alexandra: You’ll meet Christophe’s brothers in His Vow and their stories will be told in His Vengeance and His Valor. Let’s just say that after a hundred and fifty years tormented in limbo, they both deserve their happy ending. Of course, they’ll have to work for them.  Marie Leveau was just in my dream the other night, so I think she was trying to insert herself into the next tale.

SASSE: If a reader normally doesn’t read stories with a Voodoo theme, what can you tell them about the series that may put them at ease?

Alexandra: This story doesn’t delve too deeply into the world of Voodoo, but it’s a part of the mystique of the French Quarter, so how could it be left out?  The story will have you in the edge of your seat at times, but there’s nothing over the top or scary.

SASSE: What gets you all choked up or emotionally charged in a story you write?

Alexandra: When a character has that moment… that one where they break or their emotions are so stretched to the limit that that can’t control the torrent that comes.  I usually break along with them.

SASSE: If you could meet any romance author who would it be and why?

Alexandra: Hmmm… I met Kresley Cole at RT last year, but it was definitely not a long enough meeting.  I’d love to have drinks with her and talk shop, in a French Quarter bar, preferably!

SASSE: Thank you Alexandra, this has been just delightful to sit back with you and learn a little more about you and your story. I been a reader of yours for years and when I read this book it was just a good at the others I have come to love. I will be looking out for more in this series.

More about Alexandra O'Hurley

Southern bred Alexandra O’Hurley won’t admit to being born just a hop, skip, and a jump above the Mason-Dixon line.  She moved to Virginia as a child and still lives in the Hampton Roads area, penning her bestselling tales.  A single mother to a nearly twenty-something, she writes full time and all over the genre map.

            Website: www.alexandraohurley.com
            Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexohurley
            Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexandraohurleyerotica

I’ll return for you. I vow it.

When Cami DuBois winds up on a Manassas battlefield, she stumbles across Confederate re-enactors too deep in character. One of the men looks at Cami and she feels an instant connection, a familiarity she can't ignore and a lust she doesn't want to. Until he vanishes before her.

Left in limbo, Christophe Sinclair is bound by his vow. Promising to return to his love after the end of the Civil War, he’s overjoyed to have his Camille back—and to truly have her in his arms again is his singular focus.

Christophe’s tie to Cami is strong, one that might defy the rules of space and time.

If the Voodoo Gods allow it.

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