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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

12 Alphas 12 Months- Beg For it...

"I'm going to make you beg for it," may be the summer time song by Iggy and Chris Brown...but bestselling AUTHOR ANGIE DANIELS is bringing it to life in her 12 Alphas 12 Months (#12A12M) story. Mr. January has something for you.

Three wild erotic nights will have her begging for more...

Get a sneak peek of Beg For It by Angie Daniels

They followed the beat of nineties music with her high-heel, lime-green pumps echoing on the concrete floor. The popular tunes alone were enough to take her mind back ten years to a bleak period she’d rather forget. When they neared the gym, she noticed the former students standing in the hallways, laughing and talking. Jayla ignored the appreciative male gazes that followed them toward the door. Just any man wouldn’t do, and even then, the last thing she’d be interested in was something romantic. She no longer engaged in relationships. A weekend fling… that was a horse of a different color.
Together they stepped into the gymnasium that was already crowded. Classmates were already mingling, taking photographs, and heavy laughter circulated the room. One guy who looked vaguely familiar whistled as she sauntered past and yet Jayla rolled her eyes heavenward. Ten years ago he wouldn’t have given her the time of day, therefore, she didn’t even give him the satisfaction of looking his way. Instead, she tilted her chin and continued her stride through the doors and over to the registration desk, decorated in the purple and gold school colors, where a very pregnant woman was seated.
“Welcome back to Dixon High!” she greeted in a high-pitched voice. “Names please.”
“I’m Kat James and this is my cousin Jayla Parker.”
“Hi Kat!” she squealed. “I’m Hannah. We use to have American Literature together.”
“Of course,” she said and then batted her eyelashes, which Jayla knew was a clear indication her cousin was lying. Kat had a better chance of remembering some gorgeous guy she’d met in line at the supermarket.
Hannah’s blue eyes studied Jayla before a puzzled frown marred her forehead. “Jayla… hmm, I’m afraid I don’t remember you.”
Oh course she didn’t. What was there to remember?
Quit running in the halls before I have to give you a citation!
Spit out that gum!
Jayla gave herself a mental shake, then stood off to the side as she waited for her name-tag. She would not allow anything to drag her mind down that dark path. Instead, she would do what she had done for years—focus on reinvention and elevation. Dedication and hard work had eventually paid off. And as a result, she was no longer that frumpy hall monitor who lurked the corridors, instead she was the new, beautiful, free-spirited version Jayla Parker.
Jayla’s eyes traveled around the large space the reunion committee had transformed into a night club. Strobe lighting. Two cash bars. A dozen waitresses working the floor. While looking over at a table in the corner, something caught her attention.
Jayla swallowed. There he was. Stefano Ortiz.
Jayla recognized him immediately. Former track star. Mr. Popular. Even after all these years, he was fiercely sexy, and muy caliente. All it took was one sweep of his dark eyes and heat flooded through her so suddenly she nearly stumbled back. Kat was calling her name, but Jayla was catatonic and her feet felt glued to the floor. How was it even possible for Stefano to be more handsome than before? she wondered. And yet the proof was sitting right in front of her. The years had only intensified his fine qualities. His Latino features were so mesmerizing, she felt her tongue sliding across her lips.
And cream inching down her inner thighs.
He had eyes black as the midnight sky, a shadowed face with lean cheeks and a strong nose. His hair was dark and thick, cut a little too short for her taste and yet her fingers itched to stroke his head, and then there was his beautiful dark skin. However, what penetrated into her soul, like an explicit dream, was the memories of the deep accented timbre of his voice when he spoke Spanish.
Her nerve-endings were firing in a way she had not experienced before and Jayla quickly hauled her eyes away. Back in high school, all of the girls, especially the cliques, whimpered with desire when he walked by. Stefano was used to girls wanting him, and a little twist of bitterness clenched inside her at the memories. Back then, he hadn’t given a girl like her the time of day.
But now she was a woman. And tonight, all was about to change.
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