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I love romance and writing it is one of my greatest pleasures. Along with writing romance, I love sitting back and talking with authors that love romance just as much as I do. Since I've been reading romance since I was sixteen years old I am a book lover that still reads lots of books in a month. So, weekly I will also post my book picks. They may be picks that are new releases or maybe a favorite book of mine. On this blog you will see books featured by ALL romance genres.




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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A delciously sexy read...

If you have not read Zora's Chance by Aliyah Burke by now, you need to pick up a copy. This story was so delightful, I had to read it twice before posting. This story made me laugh, smile and fan myself more than ten times. Chance is a worthy hero. He is intense and sexy on sooo many levels. Zora is carefree and funny with a heart of gold. I enjoyed this story. If you like a hot, erotic IR, here you go. The last thing I have to say is Ms. Burke, Colonel Taylor McQueen needs his own book. That man... I want to see more of, if you catch my drift.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

One down, one more to go..

I've just finished Enchanted by Nancy O'Berry, a new author with a delightful seafaring tale to tell. LOL! I loved the short mermaid story. Dominic and Serena had an attraction to each other from the beginning, however O'Berry did an excellent job of not rushing the moments in the beginning of the relationship. I must say that my favorite seen is when Domonic stares at Serena in her "imprisoned" mermaid form. What can I say, I'm a romantic dork for a scene where there is a connection between the two main characters, that they don't understand the significance of at the moment. ;-p

So, if you are looking for a great aquatic romance, stop by Midnight Showcase and pick up Enchanted by Nancy O'Berry.


Reading Day...!!

Well, today I'm taking a break from writing and I've decided to kick my heels up and curling up on the coach with my laptop and two good books.
What am I reading you ask? Zora's Chance by Aliyah Burke and Enchanted by Nancy O'Berry.
You can join me in the read or, stop back by and see my review of my reading day. ;-p


Thursday, April 03, 2008

April Showers...or is it IRS raining down on us?

Well, April is here and showering upon us in Virginia. It's 65 degrees one second, then raining, then a chilly 54 degrees. Boy, the pollen jocks (bees) don't know where to come out or not. Well, now that bees have started buzzing that means that I am packing up my scented lotions until the Fall. Why you ask, hmmmm, because Honeysuckle is my favorite scent...need I say more? LOL!! Well, lots is on the way from me. I'm working hard on books that will be out next year, but deadlines our this year. Like my Coming Together: At Last story. For those of you who don't know, Phaze one of my publishers does a charity anthology every few months. The authors or publisher don't get any of the money it all goes to charity. So, stop by the Phaze's homepage and see all the ones that are out. They are print books for my paperback turning readers. LOL! But, there are one for Hurricane victims, San Diego fire victims, AIDS, Breast Cancer and soooo many more. So, support a worthy cause this April after you finish going crazy with taxes on 15 April!! If you buy enough of them this year and give them out as gift it could possibly be a write off for next year! Well, you'd have to buy an awful lot of them, but hey, one book is a start in the right direction. ;-p

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