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I love romance and writing it is one of my greatest pleasures. Along with writing romance, I love sitting back and talking with authors that love romance just as much as I do. Since I've been reading romance since I was sixteen years old I am a book lover that still reads lots of books in a month. So, weekly I will also post my book picks. They may be picks that are new releases or maybe a favorite book of mine. On this blog you will see books featured by ALL romance genres.




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Monday, February 29, 2016

Shades of Desire 2: Double Dog Dare by JA Coffey


“I’m always careful, Ms. Dare.” But his eyes said otherwise. Something kindled in them, like a burst of blue flame. “Besides, he’ll be on a leash to start.”
“Allison.” That spark made her want to smash through the walls he’d put up. “Call me Allison.”
Mack’s blue eyes fixed on hers and she resisted the urge to wet her lips. “Okay, Allison.”
The sound of her first name on his lips was indescribable. Most of the soldiers she worked with called her Dare. It was different with Mack, though. She wanted things more…personal than professional. If she hadn’t been in danger of melting into a puddle before, she was now.
Sir Precious Picklechips’s tail was erect and quivering. She knew that posture. Any moment now, the damn dog would cop a squat in her kitchen. Sir PP, indeed. The perfect name for the perfect little nuisance. If she wasn’t completely certain he’d never answer to it, she’d rename him.
She flung the back door open and Precious sprinted outside.
“Sorry, the new dog food ran through him,” she apologized, keeping her gaze fixed on Precious until she was sure he wasn’t making a run for it.
Mack shrugged. “Warned you.”
“Yeah, well. If you can give me just a few minutes, we can start.”
“It’s your dime.” He picked up the latest outdoor gear catalog from her counter top and started idly thumbing through it.
She was about to tell him where he could stick that dime when an odor assaulted her nose. Dare looked down in dismay. There, glistening on her hardwood floor, was a nugget of fresh dog shit. Though it was no bigger than a tootsie roll, there was no way in hell she could leave it there. What if her superstar dog trainer stepped in it? She exhaled slowly, feeling the first twinge of a headache between her temples. The dude was standing by the sink, his stupid broad shoulders blocking her path to the paper towels. Damn it.
There was no way she could get past him to the garbage can either. Outside, she heard Precious bark, a sign he was ready to be let in.
“One second,” she called to the nuisance. Gritting her teeth, she bent down and scooped up the still-warm turd nugget, cupping it in her bare hand. Eww, ewww, icky ewww. For the first time in months, she’d found a man she wanted to impress and she was cupping her fingers around a turd. There was no way to dispose of it without being completely obvious that she was holding fresh shit. Precious barked again.
“I think he’s finished,” Mack quipped, without taking his eyes off the catalog. He sounded bored.
“Yeah.” As if she was such a horrible fur-parent she couldn’t tell when her dog was ready to be let in? In a flash, she opened the back door and tossed the turd into the yard. Precious bounded in, tail wagging and immensely proud of himself.
“Great. We ready to go?” Mack set the catalog on the counter with an expectant brow raise.
“In a second. I need to freshen up.” Meaning, she needed to wash the dog shit off her hand before she entertained the idea of holding a leash.
“You look great.” His eyes hawked over her. “No need to get fresh on my account.”
The way his gaze rested on her made her breasts tingle. A burning in her midsection blossomed. She tried to push past him. “I’m not prettying up for anyone. Precious did a number two on the floor. I had to pick it up with my bare hand.”
“Your…hand?” With a chuckle, Mack stepped back, allowing her access to the sink. “There’s paper towels right here.”
“You were blocking my way. Besides, it’s cleaned now.” She washed and dried her hands on a paper towel and spun to toss it in the garbage when something squished under her heel. The unmistakable scent of fresh dog shit wafted in the air as her foot landed on another freshly laid turd nugget.
“Blocking you?” A red flush crawled up from the collar of his shirt. Those midnight eyes of his were suddenly hard as iron. “Why didn’t you say so? I’m more mobile than I look.”

J.A. Coffey writes both sizzling contemporary romance and epic historical fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page.
A complete cupcake addict, when she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found hunkered over her laptop in a European cafe, test baking desserts, or “feathering her nest” with spruced up flea market finds. J.A. is currently working on her latest novel and trying not to get cupcake batter on her keyboard.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Shades of Desire 2: Love Me Again by Cindy Stark

Four years ago, Krystal Collier caved to her fears and chose to leave behind her first love in order to secure her future. Now, she has returned to the small town of Pinecone Valley to begin a new job. Unfortunately, she finds she’s required to work with the one man she thought she could forget. She fights the urge to be near Josh knowing he’s found someone new, but it’s a losing battle. 

Only one woman has ever owned Josh Vansant's heart, and it’s not his supposed new girlfriend. Krystal’s constant presence torments him with what he can’t have. He searches for a way to convince her to leave Pinecone before she discovers his girlfriend is only a ruse to keep him from bleeding from the heart. 

If Krystal can’t look beyond her fears, realign her priorities, and see Josh for the man he has become, she’ll lose the greatest love of her life.

The sound of her name transported her back several years to a younger, more carefree time in her life. Josh’s voice had always reminded her of smooth whiskey, dark with the power to swirl her senses and steal her rationality. With apprehension, she lifted her gaze.
Sweet sugar, he looked good. She raked her thirsty gaze over his short, dark hair, trailing across his broad shoulders, and faltering on midnight eyes that set her smoldering with one look. He was rougher around the edges than Rob Matthews, but damn if she didn’t like her men rugged.
“Josh.” Krystal’s heart tightened. What did she say to the man whose heart she’d broken? “It’s good to see you.” Such every day, mundane words for someone who’d meant so much to her.
“What are you doing here?” Tension sharpened his words. “I thought you’d be in Salt Lake or Denver by now.”
She shrugged, trying to keep her own tentative emotions at bay. After they’d separated, she’d avoided the singles’ scene and most community events, choosing to focus on school and hoping to miss exactly what she faced now. For his sake and hers.
“I graduated last December and didn’t intend to stay in Pinecone, but this job came open, and it seemed like a good springboard to my career.” It would be pointless to tell him about her mom’s problems, the reason she’d returned home. The time when she and Josh had shared their lives with each other was over.
He stared at her, and she yearned to find warmth in his eyes. “I thought maybe you’d decided our little town was big enough for you after all.”
Familiar disappointment and heartbreak washed over her. “I had a right to my dreams, Josh.”

“I never said you didn’t. Just never understood why it had to be me or them.”

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Shades of Desire 2: Something Old by Lena Hart

Mya wants to win back her old sweetheart--the one she walked out on years before--but Guy isn't the forgiving type. And he doesn't believe in second chances. Will their bond be enough to save their love or is it already too late for them?

Get to know the hero and heroine of Something Old

Name: Zamya Daniels
Favorite motto: “There’s no place like home.”

What does your name stand for?
I read this once about my name: “Creative and outgoing, you are always looking for an opportunity to show your abilities. You are very flexible and likes to feel appreciated.” I think that sums me up nicely but everyone just calls me “Mya.”

On what occasion do you lie?
When I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. But mine are little white lies…I hate lying.

What do you most dislike about your body?
My tummy. I have a little pouch, which is why I like to wear long, flowy skirts. I wouldn’t have this problem if I didn’t love cookies so much!

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
When my dad died… He died two years ago and it’s still painful.

Who is the greatest love of your life and why?
Isn’t it obvious…? Guy Lawson. There’s so many reasons why but the main one is that he always made me feel safe and loved.

Pick up your copy of Shades of Desire 2 and enjoy more of these two intriguing characters.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Ace never planned that one crash could bring him the woman of his dreams. Just when love has found Jaide, her career could be in jeopardy. Can they handle the pressure and battle coming their way or will it end it all?

“What do you expect from me, Ace?” She leaned her head against the side of her door.
Looking at her fresh, picturesque face with her hair pulled back out of the way in a frenzy of natural waves, her appearance screamed vulnerable. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her.
“Nothing. I just don’t want you under any illusions.” Lowering his hands, he buried them in the pocket of his slacks, fisting them.
“Was today just a ploy to get into my pants? The car assistance, the meal and movies? Did I seem like a desperate easy mark to you?” There was more than a bit of tension in her words.
“Hell, no!” Lifting a hand, he ran it through his hair, frustrated. “The truth is I was so attracted to you, I went above and beyond what was needed to make things right after hitting your car.”
Lowering her gaze for a moment, she stared at the wood flooring and tapped her fingers against her door. When she looked up, her eyes were darker, a natural chocolate. They met his, and electricity arced between them.
“I can feel that there’s something potent and all-consuming between us, but truthfully I have to keep reminding myself that I should be apprehensive, scared.”
Placing a hand onto his chest, over his heart, he said, “I promise I’ll do my best not to hurt you, Jaide.” He meant that. At lunch he’d gotten a glimpse into her heart and emotions, and he didn’t want to see that pained look on her face again.
Moving away, she stood framed in the doorway. “Promise you’ll pleasure me, Ace.”
While his mind was registering the revelation of her words, his body took action. Bounding across the threshold he swooped her into his arms. Kicking the door closed, he heard the window rattle as he claimed her mouth in a kiss. If he would have thought about it first or prepared this moment in his mind, he might have gently seduced her mouth to open beneath his, but his world was colored red and clouded by a haze of pleasure. It left no space for finesse, just an urge to taste Jaide.
She must have been just as consumed, because she wrapped her arms around him and gripped the back of his neck and fused her mouth to his. Guiding his tongue between her lips, he almost sighed at the warm, satin texture of her mouth. She gave just as much to the kiss as she slid along the tip of his tongue until she entered his mouth and caressed the inside of his lip. Groaning, he pressed one hand to her back, and the other lowered to cup her ass. Grinding his hips against her, he allowed her to feel his cock as it pressed into her, hard and demanding.
Moaning, she arched her pelvis. Taking command of the kiss again, he entered her mouth and licked the roof of it. She gasped at the tickling sensation. He sealed his mouth to hers and pushed his tongue deep into her mouth. Thrusting in and out, he fucked her orally, mimicking what he wanted her to understand: that he had every intention of burying his length between her thighs and making her take every ounce and inch of his passion.
Jaide’s body trembled along his and dipped as if her knees had gone out. He held her tight. His plans for them didn’t include her collapsing into a heap—well, maybe later from exhaustion, but not until he’d made good on his promise to pleasure her, and he planned to do that to the fullest.
Pulling back, she gazed into his eyes and said, “I want to feel you inside of me. Don’t make me wait.”
His gut clenched at her words and the passion in her tone. “Never. If an earthquake caused the ground to open up beneath us, I’d go down making love to you.”

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Sports reporter Grace Avery is up for a promotion, but only if she gets an interview with the notoriously private, heavy weight champion, Rally Brewer. Grace discovers who Rally is beyond the boxing ring. Little does anyone know, as Grace gets Rally to open up, a two-year-old secret is in jeopardy. Is revealing his secret worth gaining Grace's love?

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The next morning, Grace stood in front of the mirror and wanted to cry. Her nose had grown at least three sizes, and if this continued, the circus would surely be over to recruit her. And it hurt like hell. Not to mention that she couldn’t breathe out of either nostril. Both problems brought her a poor night’s sleep and she had a big day ahead of her. At least her hair looked good with the soft curls swept into a clip. Pretty and professional…until anyone looked at her face.
She grabbed her cell and punched the number listed on the business card. Sucking in her breath, she waited for the ringing to be replaced by a deep, masculine voice. One belonging to…
“Brewer.” Rally Brewer.  She started to swoon but caught herself when he barked an impatient, “Hello?”
Heat burned her cheeks as she stammered out a quick, “Mr. Brewer, this is Grace—the woman with a swollen nose.”
“Oh,” came the reply. After a heartbeat, he continued with, “I’m sorry about yesterday, Grace. I’m sure your clothes are ruined and I insist on paying you for them. Meet me at the motel restaurant for an early lunch.”
A smile spread over her lips as her pulse pounded. Lunch with Rally Brewer? Hell yes! Maybe her career wouldn’t be smashed after all. She tried sounding as nonchalant as she could manage when she said, “Sure. When is good for you?” Hopefully soon, in order for her to make her flight early afternoon.
“Can you meet me now? I have a plane to catch soon.”
“Yes, I can meet you.”
She scribbled the address to his hotel and called a cab. Fifteen minutes later, she flinched at the glances from the taxi driver through the rearview mirror and wished she could strap a giant bandage over her bruised nose. The driver looked at her again and shook his head. Yep, he wanted to know what happened to her. Why didn’t he just come out and ask? She might as well get used to the questions now that she’d left her hotel room.
“I look like shit, huh?” she asked, a calm smile splayed across her lips. “It’s okay. You can say so.”
The driver nodded. “Boyfriend do that to you? I hope the bastard gets what he deserves.”
She laughed. “Actually, no. Someone smacked a door into my face. It was mostly my fault, but he is making it up to me by taking me to lunch right now.”
A thin slice of hair fell down against the man’s wrinkled forehead. “A lunch date, huh?”
“Oh, nothing like that. He wants to pay for my outfit that got ruined.” She motioned to the swollen mound and flinched as a sharp pain raced through her face. “And he might want to apologize, I suppose.”
“Keep your eyes open, dear,” the driver said. “Accidents happen, but they also bring people together. It’s going to happen with you, too.”

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