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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Mr. August is Bringing a Tall Order Filled with Romance

Sexy in the City had their Mr. Big, but Stephanie Burke gives us Mr. August in "All the Small Things"...and Alpha and Beta shifter story unmatched. If you know anything about this author you know she is not afraid to go out on the edge when it comes to her romance stories...and https://twitter.com/Flashycat is taking us all with her on this wild ride.
Mr. August
The more unbearable the pain, the richer the rewards
Sneak peek found here: 
From this point on, he could not lie to Tego and Tego would not lie to him. The drive to please his alpha would almost be as strong as his desire to pamper his omega.
“Who are they?” he asked again, knowing this time he would get an answer.
His pate pulled back, his submissive whimpers turning into low growls.
“Who?” Had someone touched his omega before? Had someone defiled his perfection? He sniffed harder, lowering his head to sniff at his crotch as his mate whimpered, again. “Who?”
“My brothers,” his mate gasped, fear scent blotting out the joy scent that once saturated his pheromones. “My re-responsibility. My baby brothers—”
Tego whimpered, his voice sounding apologetic as he shook in Daiki’s grasp.
The alpha nearly felt shame at his reactions, but swiftly pushed that emotion aside. There was a lot he didn’t know about his omega, about taking an American mate, and he had a sharp learning curve.
He chuffed soothingly and lapped at the skin of his mate’s neck. It was a simple misunderstanding.
His mate’s fear eased, but the scent of worry remained. As he pulled back, huge liquid eyes gazed back at him and Daiki could see him force back the wolf and his humanity took over.
As he watched, the meek shy omega...he assumed he now possessed... turned into a snarling snapping demon within the blink of an eye.
“Get the fuck off of me!” he roared, lashing out as he scrambled backwards.
Instead of being outraged, the alpha was shocked to find that his wolf appreciated the fight in his mate. He looked down as a sting in his chest registered and he discovered that now only was his mate strong, he possessed more of a wolfly instinct that he had assumed. There were four parallel rents that cut straight through his kimono and haori that exposed the sluggishly bleeding scratches in his skin.
It turned him on more than he thought possible. He felt his cock swell and his already heated blood race through his veins.
Yes, his mate was dangerous, protective, and knew how to use the weapons that nature gave him.
He looked back to his mate and grinned as he saw how he managed to put a lot of room between them, looking like he was fighting against himself as he glared balefully at him. The fear scent was gone, replaced by one of anger and defiance as he deliberately brought his fingers to his lips and delicately lapped the blood from his fingertips.
He smiled, exposing his fangs as he began to stalk his mate.
“Brothers,” he spoke softly, watching as his mate suddenly looked weary as he tried to shift to his feet. But his wolf was rapidly taking over as his silver eyes took on a alight gold sheen. Still on his knees, he backed away more, keeping a good distance between them. “How commendable.”
“Mine,” his mate hissed back. “My brothers. My Angels. My responsibility.”
“Will you protect our cubs so diligently?” he wondered out load, an amused smile pulling at his lips as his mate’s eyes read delight at the thought of his own cubs before his human mind tamped down the wolf.
“My brothers. My responsibility,” he growled, lowering his head and protecting his neck as if he imagined attacking Daiki if he made so much as a move to harm his charges.
“Your parents—“
“Dead,” his mate growled and Daiki froze.
“Dead?” he blinked back the wolf and startled as he scented grief from his mate. “Your clan—“
“No clan,” he answered, his eyes looking leery as he stopped retreating now that Daiki had stopped advancing. “Just me.”
Daiki whimpered in shared grief. As much as sometimes his clan annoyed him or outright angered him, he knew that they would always be there for him, would always be his pack. He could not imagine life along. Was this common here in America or was there something special about his mate?
He suddenly understood the need for his mate to appear so powerful, to have shorn his hair in the manner of an alpha, for his readiness to attack at the mere thought of someone harming his angels. His mate was a lone wolf.
He whined in sadness and stepped closer to his omega, reaching for him, pouring out the scents calmness and understanding as he approached.
His mate, though still weary looking, allowed him closer, though his hissed a bit and raised his hands in a defensive maneuver before he got too close. Daiki stopped and dropped to his knees.
Even here, he was taller than his mate, more intimidating thought he thought Tego would feel some measure of comfort in knowing that his alpha was larger than him.
“My Angels,” Tego chuffed again, the wolf taking over as his body began to tremble and push pheromones that read the need for protection and comfort.
“We will retrieve you angels,” he nodded once as he settled comfortably and placed his hands on his thighs. “We will bring your angels to safety.”
Then an appalled thought crossed his mind. “Where are they? Did I take you from them?” If that was the case, then he would rush down and retrieve them. They would carry the clan scent from Tego... No. He could not leave his mate. Pre-bonding had begun. If he left now, anyone could come in and challenge him when he was most vulnerable and steal his mate.
Human and wolf selves vied for dominance. His thoughts were whirling. He had to protect the mate, but he had to protect those under his mate’s care. His brothers, baby brothers, he had said, were alone and defenseless... but then so was his omega. He didn’t know what to do. The wolf was goring inpatient and the human was getting angry.
There was something he could do, someone he could call... but his Clan was away and he only had his betas and...
A touch to his hand brought his eyes up to see his mate had approached. Posed to flee if necessary, Tego had managed to move close enough to him to touch his hand with one single finger.
Though his hands were larger than any omega he had ever touched, they managed, despite their size, to hold the delicate look of an omega. His nails were shiny and sharp, his fingers slim and narrow. He had the most capable and vulnerable looking hands he had ever seen.
“My brothers?” he asked, the wolf gold in his eyes retreating as if he would flee if he didn’t receive the proper response to his request.
Daiki blinked and his human-self pushed the answer forward as his wolf-self marveled at his mate. Betas.
“My—our betas... they will retrieve The Tenshi.”
Some of the wariness eased, though his mate still appeared cautious.
“My responsibility,” he muttered, looking lost.
“Our responsibility.” He corrected. Yes, the beta who had seemed so protective yet obediently when he used his sword. This beta would retrieve the Tenshi.
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