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I love romance and writing it is one of my greatest pleasures. Along with writing romance, I love sitting back and talking with authors that love romance just as much as I do. Since I've been reading romance since I was sixteen years old I am a book lover that still reads lots of books in a month. So, weekly I will also post my book picks. They may be picks that are new releases or maybe a favorite book of mine. On this blog you will see books featured by ALL romance genres.




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Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Print Release: SASSE Sheets by Yvette Hines

SASSE Sheets is a collection of short and sexy, sensual erotica. Hot enough to set your bed sheets ablaze. Bestselling author Yvette Hines brings you interracial erotic romance at its finest.

Internet Rebound A no-strings night of unbridle ecstasy becomes a chance at happiness again. When fate steps in, bringing Jason Kensington’s past to the present, will he risk putting his heart on the line?

Golden Treasure The night turns wild and as luck would have it, Dylan “Lucky” Campbell lands the most enchanting temptress in his bed. But has his luck run out? Now, he’s the one who has to make a decision. Can he accept this golden brown-skinned beauty with all the trimmings or walk away forever?

Lady Justice For several months Quentin Randolph has managed to hide behind his job, guilt and a dark world of pleasure. When Nubia shows up in all areas of his life begging for him to take her and make her his own, he starts running, but every direction he turns leads to her.

Making the Man (AAD Best Erotic Short Story 2010) Strong and rugged, Hunter O’Neil could possibly put an end the friendship between Synoma and Anjolie and their company. Having to choose between spicy Syn and sweet Anjee is a decision Hunter would rather not make. Note: This is the print collection of four short stories, available individually as eBooks.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday: Synoma and Hunter and Anjolie

    “Where did you learn to move like that?” Anjolie asked him four hours later as they all sat on the couch at the ladies' house.  She was curled up with her gorgeous legs underneath her. The outfit she wore was a pink pair of short-shorts with a matching vest top. She’d slipped the white strap heels from her feet. He had been amazed how she’d danced in them all night without limping. With her long waves hanging down her back, her Latin heritage was very evident.

“At home, all the workers would get together at one house or another and we played cards when it was just the guys. Occasionally, some of the men’s wives joined us and they wanted a party. We all were from different backgrounds so you learned a little of everything. Oklahoma might be in the middle of the country, but it is a melting pot of people.” Glancing between Anjolie and Synoma, he admitted, “I felt a little rusty at first. It’s been over a year since I’ve danced.”

“Well, it didn’t show,” Syn assured him. “You were great and we had a blast.” Unlike Anjee, she sat facing him with her long legs crossed. In true Syn form she was wearing a dress. This time she displayed her luscious body in a black satin halter dress. Just like Anjee her black heeled sandals were off her feet too. For once, her natural corkscrew curls were free and hanging loose on her shoulders. He knew from prior conversations that her mother was black and Italian and her father was black.

All night he had fought one erection after another. Between Anjee and Syn he couldn’t keep his thoughts away from considering how it would feel to bump and grind with both of them in a bed rather than a club. Thoughts of feeling his cock buried inside either one of them made it hard for him to hide his reaction. If they noticed his arousal, they covered their knowledge well. He was grateful they didn’t call him a sick bastard and kick him out of their lives.

“I’m glad.” Lost in her light brown gaze, Hunter couldn’t say who moved first. All he knew was his hand was fisting her hair and he and Syn’s lips were fused together. When her lips parted on a moan his tongue slipped between her lips.

He felt a hand caress his back. When he and Syn parted, they both were breathing heavy. Turning toward Anjee to see if she was appalled by his actions, he noticed her breathing was just as labored. As if she’d been caught up in the kiss too. Unable to deny himself, he hesitated only a moment before palming the back of her head and sealing his lips to Anjee’s.

Their kisses were different. Whereas Syn liked to be coaxed to open her mouth, Anjee liked a more aggressive kiss and to have her bottom lip suckled.

Hunter found himself in a sensual fog. He was unaware how they all went from kissing and touching each other on the couch to migrating from the living room to an upstairs bedroom, discarding one article of clothing after another.

None of them spoke much or voiced concerns about what they were all about to do as if no one wanted to break the sensual spell surrounding them. They’d all been inseparable over the last three months and at that moment the situation was playing out like an inevitable course of action.

Standing next to the king-size four poster bed, he took his time removing the remaining articles of clothing, his jeans and underwear. Looking his fill at Syn and Anjee, two women he already thought were stunning when dressed. Nude, they were breathtaking.

Synoma with her brown skin and full breasts and hips and Anjolie with her pert breasts and large nipples and her tan skin made his hands tremble a little with the desire to touch. The knowledge that both of them sported hairless pussies made his dick amazingly hard. He didn’t know who to touch first. One thing he did know was that he had wanted them for so long, if either of them touched him, he’d go off like a rocket.

“Ladies, I want to enjoy this night and ensure you both are pleasured.” He shoved his clothes down his legs and stepped out of them, displaying his erection. “As you can see I’m on the edge. I’ll need to come one good time first.” Glancing from left to right, he asked, “Who’d like to do the honors?”

“Syn can,” Anjee volunteered. “She can suck a fresh Frosty up a straw. She taught me how to give head.”

Shit, he almost came just hearing Anjee say it. To Syn, he inquired, “Is this true?”

With flushed cheeks, Synoma confirmed her best friend’s words, “Yes.” She took the few steps between them, closing the gap. Standing before him, she asked, “May I?”
He smiled. Never in his life had he ever had a woman ask so sweet and regally if she could give him a blow job. “By all means, darlin’.”


Making the Man
Yvette Hines
Erotic Romance (I/R, Menage F/M/F)

Synoma and Anjolie are best friends and owners of ‘Upgrade You’ consulting business. They have shared many things over the years, but never the same man. When they get hired to help Hunter O’Neil remake himself from a construction worker to a business man they both fall for his lopsided smile, smoldering gray eyes and his southern drawl. Neither of them is willing to step away. This strong, rugged guy could possibly put an end to their friendship and company.

Hunter is instantly captivated when the two beautiful women, one black one hispanic, arrive at his home. He’s made major life changes and having a woman to share it with is just what he needs. Having to choose between spicy Syn and sweet Anjee is a decision he’d rather not make.

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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday: Quentin and Nubia

Flowers and cherries. It was a strange but titillating scent to awaken to. Quentin wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or what, but the scent seemed to envelop him. It was everywhere making his mind conjure up images of a warm willing woman with supple curves. His cock leaped to attention as he fantasized about that woman being in his bed, in his arms where he could touch her. He didn’t want to awaken from the dream, but something was pulling at the edges of his mind.

When he felt something move against him, he opened his eyes. In the pre-dawn light he noticed the long brown and gold strands of hair covering the pillow before him. He was also aware of a warm body snuggled deeper under the covers pressing a lush ass back against him. Nubia. Pillows gone.

“Wake up, Nubia,” he whispered. “I need you to get out of my bed.” If he didn’t get her out of his bed soon he wouldn’t be responsible for whatever came next.

“I can’t.” She wiggled her hips against him.

“Why?” Was she playing some game? It was almost morning, she still couldn’t be scared.

“Because you’re holding me.” Taking an assessment of his body and all its parts, he realized she was correct. Both of his arms were curled around her. One against her stomach, the other cupping her breast and his top leg was thrown over both of hers imprisoning her body. He didn’t give but a second thought to the fact that his shaft was cushioned against her lower back.

Slowly he released her.

He was caught off guard when Nubia turned her body toward him. In the soft light, he couldn’t help but be pulled in by her sexy hazel eyes. It was the way she looked at him with sincere trust. A man could get addicted to those kinds of looks. They made him envision her on her knees before him, or over a bench. The desire to see her restrained and at his will called to his primitive and dominate nature.

 “Nubia, I warned you to get out.” He shook, not with fear, but restricted passion.

“But, I’m where I want to be, Quentin.” Her hands slid up his chest and around his neck until they were buried in the hair at the nape of his neck. “I want you.” She pressed her body against his. The scent of cherries, flowers and aroused woman arrested his mind and summoned his body.

He refused to deny either of them.

Capturing her mouth in a fierce kiss he rolled forward and pinned her beneath his length. Taking control of the moment, he gave himself permission to show her, his strength, his passion.

As his tongue entered her mouth, he recalled the first and last time he’d kissed her. In the woods hours after midnight. He’d escorted her to the bathroom, on the way back she had tripped and he’d caught her. The kiss happened without either of them knowing who initiated it, but when it ended doubts and guilt had flooded his mind. He’d escorted her back to the tent she shared with her sister and stayed far away from her.

Now as their tongues circled and stroked each other, he regretted every day that he missed out on kissing her. Right now, he didn’t care who still owned her heart. He didn’t care about wrong or right. He only thought about one thing, getting inside of Nubia. Feeling her wet pussy flex around him and suck him deeper inside of her.

Leaving her mouth, he licked her chin as he lowered himself to her breast as he fisted her shirt, lifting it above her breasts. He paused for a second to take in the beauty of her skin, the beguiling complexion of her cocoa butter breasts with their cinnamon painted areoles. Leaning down he stroked one with his tongue feeling it bead up as he listened to her moan.

He circled the stiff peak and felt her body come alive underneath him as she wiggled her hips against his own. Palming her ass as he suckled her nipple and gyrated his hard length against her sex.

“Please, Quentin,” she whimpered, pulling his shirt up and running her hands over his chest.

Hearing her call out to him, turned his already flaming blood into hot lava. Releasing her nipple, he took hold of the material of her panties and shoved them down her legs and tossed them over his shoulder not caring where they went. His own underwear went next, then his shirt.  Stroking the length of her smooth legs, he cupped her sex and ensured himself that she was ready for him.

Wet and pouty, the bare lips of her sex welcomed his fingers. Caressing her, he brushed her distended clit and felt her arch into his hand. He continued to fondle her sex, slipping his fingers into her heat. Locating the small bundle of nerves inside her walls, he stroked it until she was shaking underneath him. Her climax struck and forced her body into a quivering mass.

Her bliss was lovely. He watched her until her tremors came more infrequently and her breathing slowed.

“Tell me you want me, Nubia,” he demanded, levering himself above her. His gaze roamed her face and held her eyes. 
“I want you.” She placed her hands on the side of his face and allowing him to see the truth of her words.


Lady Justice
Yvette Hines
I/R BDSM Erotic Romance (White Male/Korean and Black Female)

Nubia Swanson is tired of waiting for Quentin Randolph to come to his senses and love her. Supposedly, fired from her job, Nubia shows up to stay with her sister, Quentin’s temporary roommate and sets her plans in motion. She knows all about Quentin’s dark secrets and she’s going to get him to see her as woman enough to take his whip and not as his best friend’s little sister. When she discovers Quentin is harboring years of pain behind his indifferent fa├žade, she struggles to figure out how to tear down the wall.

Quentin has wanted Nubia for years, but a friend got to her first. Even worse he allowed his friend to get killed when he should have been protecting his back. Over the months he’s managed to hide behind his job, guilt and a dark world of pleasure. When Nubia shows up in all areas of his life begging for him to take her and make her his own. He starts running, but every direction he turns leads to her. 

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I am giving away a free copy of Lady Justice. All you have to do is email me the names of all the hero and heroines that the above five authors blog post. On Sunday I will draw a winner from those readers that entered.

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