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I love romance and writing it is one of my greatest pleasures. Along with writing romance, I love sitting back and talking with authors that love romance just as much as I do. Since I've been reading romance since I was sixteen years old I am a book lover that still reads lots of books in a month. So, weekly I will also post my book picks. They may be picks that are new releases or maybe a favorite book of mine. On this blog you will see books featured by ALL romance genres.




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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Den County is back! Oh, yes. By reader demand.

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Hansel has always been a loner. A were-bear with a dark history he can’t shake. Evil men claimed his youth, ravaging it mercilessly. Now he can’t consider or think about a future until he rights every wrong.
Greta has worked hard at hiding a horrible memory behind her sweet smile. However, the day a male, she always tried to think of as a brother, comes blazing into Den County, he turns her life upside down and makes her face the past. When a mutual enemy returns, will it tear them apart once again?

Soon the time will come when Greta has to decide if she's Were enough to be Hansel's Bear.
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Don't We All Want to be Destined for Love?

Hello SASSE Readers, let’s welcome Janet Eckford to our SASSE World. Pull up a chair and tell me if you prefer a plate of sushi or chicken bites for our little chat.

Janet: Sushi! I love it. Particularly sashimi. Although, I can be a bit of a purist when it comes to my rolls. When they get too busy with extra ingredients like cream cheese or pineapple (I saw that on a menu once) I get turned off.

SASSE: I love California Rolls with ginger sauce to dip instead of soy sauce (too salty). Now, that our mouths are full, tell the readers a little about yourself. LOL. How did you get into writing? When was that one moment when you felt ‘Oh, my, I’m really a romance writer.’?

Janet: I know it's a bit if a cliché to say I've always been a writer but it's the truth! I had a toy typewriter when I was about 4 or 5 that I would sit at it for what seemed like hours and "write" books for my parents. I'd type up my stories that started off with my name and a few basic words, but would eventually result in nonsensical words on several pages. I'd bind them with yarn, color something on the cover and read my "story" to my parents once finished. It wasn't until years later after finding myself settled in my career that I decided to develop my love of writing that wasn't technical writing for work.

I was particularly inspired when I discovered IR romance, because the majority of the writers were working out of the system of traditional publishing. If there could be an "ah ha" moment for me it would be at that moment. I was inspired by women telling their story, regardless if the mainstream wanted to hear it or not.

SASSE: What was the first romance book you read that you just couldn’t get out of your mind; that book that started your “keeper shelf”?

Janet: My first romance books would have been the Sweet Valley High Saga Books or V.C Andrews. Most likely V.C. Andrews because they were shelved near the youth section at my local library. I loved all of the drama and over the top stories and quickly discovered adult romances thereafter. I'm sure they're still packed up in my parents garage. ;)

SASSE: Friends to lovers has always been one of my favorite kinds of love stories. Your series Destined for Love, what sparked the idea for it?

Janet: I've always loved friends to lovers stories. As one of the romance tropes it's the most realistic but I believe one you can have the most fun with. I started the first two books with very traditional friends that become romantic, and the next two play with it a bit. I really like contemporary romance where the author has fun with what we expect from the genre and that's what I'm trying to do with these books. I also wanted to give some love to my home state California  (particularly Southern California) and have made a point to set all of my stories there.

SASSE: Each of the stories have varied couples which one of the pairs are your favorite?

Janet: I would say the couple from Finding Us is my favorite so far. They stretch the bounds of friends to lovers and could be thought of lovers to life mates. The heroine has a lot of sass and a lot of emotional blocks, while the hero could be a total Hollywood douche but pulls himself back. I also had fun changing the conflict for the heroines inability to commit still being she had "Daddy Issues" but it's because she views her father as being far superior to any man in her life and needing to learn that, yes as her father he can be that, but as a man and her mother's husband he has flaws.

SASSE: Do you enjoy friends to lovers movies as well? If so, what is your favorite one?

Janet: Oh Boy! This is a hard one. I was just talking to my husband about how I often find what reads well in a book doesn't necessarily translate well on the screen. I don't know if there is a certain magic in reading these type of love stories that is hard to capture on screen, but I can't think of a friends to lovers movie that is my fave. Off the top of my head I can think of one where the friends should have ended up but didn't. Pretty in Pink. Duckie and Andie should have totally ended up together, but in true romance novel fashion they would reconnect 20 years after prom and finally discover it was always meant to be them together. ;)

SASSE: My daughter totally agrees with you about Duckie. She has a t-shirt I just bought her that says “May I admire you again today?” because she loves the movie so much. Now, what do you do to get yourself in a writing frame of mind, television, quiet room, music…?

Janet: Well, it depends on what I'm writing and how busy my day job is. I'm a procrastinator and easily distracted, which can make sitting down to write difficult. I have a long commute for work, and I've found ideas will pop up while I'm sitting in traffic. The problem is once I get to my desk I'm not very good at writing them down. Currently, I'm bringing the notebook back out and plan to write stories out because I'm too tempted to goof off while at my computer. I'm also going to take the train a few days a week to see if it allows for more time with my creative process. Seeking balance is my newest plan for inspiring my muse, so we shall see how that goes. (Fingers crossed)

SASSE: What can readers expect next from you? What is the next series you will be working on/putting out?

Janet: I've been plugging away at my next Destined for Love book but am currently stalled. Actually I have two I'm stalled on, and I may let them sit for a bit. I'm participating in NaNoWriMo but in my true fashion am a bit behind on the original story I'd slated to complete and have started another. Long story short, something is coming, I just don't know what it is yet. ;)

SASSE: Thank you, Janet, this has been just delightful to sit back with you and learn a little more about you and your story.
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Like most great superheroes (or super-villains, depending on who’s telling the story) I live a double life. By day I'm a mild-mannered crusader for justice (or nefarious deeds, depending on who’s telling the story) and by night an indestructible creator of prose (or pathological liar, depending on who’s telling the story) while munching on my favorite cookies—oatmeal raisin. A native West Coaster who hails from the sunny state of California I have loved the romance genre ever since I convinced my dad it was required reading when I was eleven. I believe love shouldn’t have a color code and strive to create stories that represent that belief.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Christmas Nights Collection

It is Christmas time again. A time full of cheer and romance. The season where we snuggle up with new and old lovers. Well, several authors have come together to bring you stories of sensual holiday tales. Dive in to these hot sheets on a cold winters night.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Get Ready for a New Sensual Suspense Series

Hard Hitting. Action. Adventure. Romance.

Oh, yes, Erosa Knowles is bring it to you again with a brand new series: Reclamation.

"I live in a military town, near Ft. Bragg and have met so many vets. Once out the military they all fall under the title of vets no matter what branch they were in. I have seen a few clubs that cater to vets and asked the question, what if an officer started a club in the area, what would happen. I called it Reclamation and that started the series." ~Erosa Knowles

Both book 1 and 2 released today...pick them up and start your adventure now.

Get it today!
Club Reclamation is a place where Vets from all military branches come, chill, grab a drink or meal and find like-minded folks with a story to tell, or problem to share or a soapbox to stand on. If you’ve served in the Armed Forces, chances are you’ll find a friend who gets you and what you’ve been through at Club Reclamation, where everyone gets a second chance.

What if someone you trusted for years stole your child? What would you do to get him back? Former SEAL Maximus Delgado cannot accept never seeing his son again and sets out to find his son, Kevin. With the help of fellow vets and team members, he leads his team across North Carolina and beyond to find Helen Grant, the older woman who manages to stay one step ahead of them.

During the search for Kevin, Max and his team come across a body in a place Max had searched. With his fingerprints near the location of the corpse he becomes a prime suspect and seeks to find the murderer before his arrest. In a surprising turn of events, Max discovers he has room in his heart for one more. He refuses to stop searching until the real culprit is found and brought to justice for the Murder at the Beach. 

Club Reclamation is a place where Vets from all military branches come, chill, grab a drink or meal and find like-minded folks with a story to tell, or problem to share or a soapbox to stand on. If you’ve served in the Armed Forces, chances are you’ll find a friend who gets you and what you’ve been through at Club Reclamation, where everyone gets a second chance.

Former SEAL Maximus Delgado is called to the morgue to identify the body of a young boy who could be his four year old son, Kevin. With Detective Vargas and Brock in attendance, Max faces down his fears to do the unthinkable.

Mercy steps in and sends Max and his team on a journey to find his son who’s reportedly ill with a highly contagious disease. He must defend his name and honor against those who oppose him. With his lady by his side, the clock is ticking and Max is running out of options to defeat the Lies in the Morgue.

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