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I love romance and writing it is one of my greatest pleasures. Along with writing romance, I love sitting back and talking with authors that love romance just as much as I do. Since I've been reading romance since I was sixteen years old I am a book lover that still reads lots of books in a month. So, weekly I will also post my book picks. They may be picks that are new releases or maybe a favorite book of mine. On this blog you will see books featured by ALL romance genres.




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Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas with Yvette and Friends

The weather outside is frightful...the fire is so delightful...and your family has finally gone home or another room to give you some peace. Phew! So, you can now curl up with great holiday reads. After indulging in ham, cookies, eggnog, veggies and more...feast on romance. That's right, Yvette Hines and her friends are inviting you to dive into the season the way you have been dreaming about all year.

This is where holiday and romance collide...

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. Maybe because I've always thought anything was possible. Not like getting presents or things but family drawing closer, friends being near and love given a chance to grow. ~Author Yvette Hines
Christmas to me means snowy days spent sipping something tasty in front of a twinkling tree and a roaring fire, while surrounded by the things that make you most happy--be that a new book, a cuddly pet, or the people you love. ~ Author Cat Johnson
Growing up it was important to my family that we share with a less fortunate family for Christmas. To me giving is the best example of Love. As we know love and Romance go hand in hand. What could be a better gift to receive for Christmas. ~Author Di Topaz

To me, Christmas is not about the gifts but about remembering what you are blessed to have, family, friends, love, and more. ~Author Aliyah Burke

The holiday season is about to become quite interesting....  ~Author Angie Daniels

Christmas mean three things to me: faith, hope and love. ~Author Stephanie Morris

Friday, December 19, 2014

Welcome to Cottonwood Falls...

Aliyah Burke has done it again. She has built us a place to find devastatingly sexy heroes and strong, beautiful heroines. This time she's given us romance in Cottonwood Falls. Come on, pack your bags, isn't it time to take a trip between the sheets?

Buy Book 1
She doesn’t realize how wrong she is, nor how relentless the businessman can be when he sets his sights on something he wants.
Buy Book 2
Will they be able to move on or will it fracture the budding relationship?
Buy Book 3
She’s changed since he’d bolted and isn’t sure she has what it takes to be part of his fast life. Brody is determined to prove to her he’s still the only man for her.
Buy Book 4
Can his quiet confidence help her find the bit she needs to confront her past allowing her to have a future? 

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Who Doesn't Love a Rake or a Rogue?

I wanted to take a moment and share a series with you that I love. I have a few favorite historical authors Beverly Jenkins, Jenna Peterson, Kate Pearce, Robin Schone, Anabel Joseph to name a few... Aliyah Burke is a talented writer of suspense, paranormal, contemporary and SEALS (not the ball bouncing kind...well, we won't discuss that.). She also brings her wit, kick-ass heroines and appealing, strong, sexy heroes to her historical writing as well in her Rakes & Rogue series.

I loved this series from book one. Those of you that have met Najja know what I'm talking about. I still get choked up on the snow fight scene. Well, in that book that was a scruffy little street urchin that should up at Colin's (hero from book one) door to deliver a message. Dirty, beat and bruised that little boy stole the show (book). I waited for his story for years and finally I can do my happy dance.

If you have not read this series, don't delay. If you have read book 1 and 2, I now invite you to join me in partaking in Pug's story.

Buy Book 3
A tumultuous meeting leads to a journey across the ocean and starts something new.

Pug has grown up as the eldest son of the Earl of Clifton yet prefers the open sea to land. Stopping off at an island, he engages a woman who takes his breath away. Fearless and protective, he wants to learn more of the woman who is as unique as the ocean.

Sabeen is taking care of five children after the island’s revolt. She has to find passage to England, somehow. Will she be making a big mistake by trusting this dark haired, blue eyed man who had offered his assistance?
During the journey, they grow closer and she learns there is more to this man than she first learned. A revelation waits for him back in England. Will this news drive them further apart? Will her past reclaim her, or will they find their way back to the seas and adventure?

Book 1
Book 2

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Den County is back! Oh, yes. By reader demand.

Buy Book 3
Hansel has always been a loner. A were-bear with a dark history he can’t shake. Evil men claimed his youth, ravaging it mercilessly. Now he can’t consider or think about a future until he rights every wrong.
Greta has worked hard at hiding a horrible memory behind her sweet smile. However, the day a male, she always tried to think of as a brother, comes blazing into Den County, he turns her life upside down and makes her face the past. When a mutual enemy returns, will it tear them apart once again?

Soon the time will come when Greta has to decide if she's Were enough to be Hansel's Bear.
Buy 1 or buy them all!
Buy Book 1

Buy Book 2
Buy Book 2.5

Monday, November 17, 2014

Don't We All Want to be Destined for Love?

Hello SASSE Readers, let’s welcome Janet Eckford to our SASSE World. Pull up a chair and tell me if you prefer a plate of sushi or chicken bites for our little chat.

Janet: Sushi! I love it. Particularly sashimi. Although, I can be a bit of a purist when it comes to my rolls. When they get too busy with extra ingredients like cream cheese or pineapple (I saw that on a menu once) I get turned off.

SASSE: I love California Rolls with ginger sauce to dip instead of soy sauce (too salty). Now, that our mouths are full, tell the readers a little about yourself. LOL. How did you get into writing? When was that one moment when you felt ‘Oh, my, I’m really a romance writer.’?

Janet: I know it's a bit if a cliché to say I've always been a writer but it's the truth! I had a toy typewriter when I was about 4 or 5 that I would sit at it for what seemed like hours and "write" books for my parents. I'd type up my stories that started off with my name and a few basic words, but would eventually result in nonsensical words on several pages. I'd bind them with yarn, color something on the cover and read my "story" to my parents once finished. It wasn't until years later after finding myself settled in my career that I decided to develop my love of writing that wasn't technical writing for work.

I was particularly inspired when I discovered IR romance, because the majority of the writers were working out of the system of traditional publishing. If there could be an "ah ha" moment for me it would be at that moment. I was inspired by women telling their story, regardless if the mainstream wanted to hear it or not.

SASSE: What was the first romance book you read that you just couldn’t get out of your mind; that book that started your “keeper shelf”?

Janet: My first romance books would have been the Sweet Valley High Saga Books or V.C Andrews. Most likely V.C. Andrews because they were shelved near the youth section at my local library. I loved all of the drama and over the top stories and quickly discovered adult romances thereafter. I'm sure they're still packed up in my parents garage. ;)

SASSE: Friends to lovers has always been one of my favorite kinds of love stories. Your series Destined for Love, what sparked the idea for it?

Janet: I've always loved friends to lovers stories. As one of the romance tropes it's the most realistic but I believe one you can have the most fun with. I started the first two books with very traditional friends that become romantic, and the next two play with it a bit. I really like contemporary romance where the author has fun with what we expect from the genre and that's what I'm trying to do with these books. I also wanted to give some love to my home state California  (particularly Southern California) and have made a point to set all of my stories there.

SASSE: Each of the stories have varied couples which one of the pairs are your favorite?

Janet: I would say the couple from Finding Us is my favorite so far. They stretch the bounds of friends to lovers and could be thought of lovers to life mates. The heroine has a lot of sass and a lot of emotional blocks, while the hero could be a total Hollywood douche but pulls himself back. I also had fun changing the conflict for the heroines inability to commit still being she had "Daddy Issues" but it's because she views her father as being far superior to any man in her life and needing to learn that, yes as her father he can be that, but as a man and her mother's husband he has flaws.

SASSE: Do you enjoy friends to lovers movies as well? If so, what is your favorite one?

Janet: Oh Boy! This is a hard one. I was just talking to my husband about how I often find what reads well in a book doesn't necessarily translate well on the screen. I don't know if there is a certain magic in reading these type of love stories that is hard to capture on screen, but I can't think of a friends to lovers movie that is my fave. Off the top of my head I can think of one where the friends should have ended up but didn't. Pretty in Pink. Duckie and Andie should have totally ended up together, but in true romance novel fashion they would reconnect 20 years after prom and finally discover it was always meant to be them together. ;)

SASSE: My daughter totally agrees with you about Duckie. She has a t-shirt I just bought her that says “May I admire you again today?” because she loves the movie so much. Now, what do you do to get yourself in a writing frame of mind, television, quiet room, music…?

Janet: Well, it depends on what I'm writing and how busy my day job is. I'm a procrastinator and easily distracted, which can make sitting down to write difficult. I have a long commute for work, and I've found ideas will pop up while I'm sitting in traffic. The problem is once I get to my desk I'm not very good at writing them down. Currently, I'm bringing the notebook back out and plan to write stories out because I'm too tempted to goof off while at my computer. I'm also going to take the train a few days a week to see if it allows for more time with my creative process. Seeking balance is my newest plan for inspiring my muse, so we shall see how that goes. (Fingers crossed)

SASSE: What can readers expect next from you? What is the next series you will be working on/putting out?

Janet: I've been plugging away at my next Destined for Love book but am currently stalled. Actually I have two I'm stalled on, and I may let them sit for a bit. I'm participating in NaNoWriMo but in my true fashion am a bit behind on the original story I'd slated to complete and have started another. Long story short, something is coming, I just don't know what it is yet. ;)

SASSE: Thank you, Janet, this has been just delightful to sit back with you and learn a little more about you and your story.
About the Author

Like most great superheroes (or super-villains, depending on who’s telling the story) I live a double life. By day I'm a mild-mannered crusader for justice (or nefarious deeds, depending on who’s telling the story) and by night an indestructible creator of prose (or pathological liar, depending on who’s telling the story) while munching on my favorite cookies—oatmeal raisin. A native West Coaster who hails from the sunny state of California I have loved the romance genre ever since I convinced my dad it was required reading when I was eleven. I believe love shouldn’t have a color code and strive to create stories that represent that belief.

Website: janeteckford.com  
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Janet.Eckford
Twitter:  @JanetEckford

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Christmas Nights Collection

It is Christmas time again. A time full of cheer and romance. The season where we snuggle up with new and old lovers. Well, several authors have come together to bring you stories of sensual holiday tales. Dive in to these hot sheets on a cold winters night.

Buy Santa's Helper!

Buy Bare Christmas!

Buy Christmas Angel!

Buy Christmas Come Early!

Buy Forever December!
Buy Saving Christmas!

Buy A Spanking Good Christmas!

Buy Second Chance Holiday!

Buy Tessa's Holiday Temptation

Buy Waiting on Christmas!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Get Ready for a New Sensual Suspense Series

Hard Hitting. Action. Adventure. Romance.

Oh, yes, Erosa Knowles is bring it to you again with a brand new series: Reclamation.

"I live in a military town, near Ft. Bragg and have met so many vets. Once out the military they all fall under the title of vets no matter what branch they were in. I have seen a few clubs that cater to vets and asked the question, what if an officer started a club in the area, what would happen. I called it Reclamation and that started the series." ~Erosa Knowles

Both book 1 and 2 released today...pick them up and start your adventure now.

Get it today!
Club Reclamation is a place where Vets from all military branches come, chill, grab a drink or meal and find like-minded folks with a story to tell, or problem to share or a soapbox to stand on. If you’ve served in the Armed Forces, chances are you’ll find a friend who gets you and what you’ve been through at Club Reclamation, where everyone gets a second chance.

What if someone you trusted for years stole your child? What would you do to get him back? Former SEAL Maximus Delgado cannot accept never seeing his son again and sets out to find his son, Kevin. With the help of fellow vets and team members, he leads his team across North Carolina and beyond to find Helen Grant, the older woman who manages to stay one step ahead of them.

During the search for Kevin, Max and his team come across a body in a place Max had searched. With his fingerprints near the location of the corpse he becomes a prime suspect and seeks to find the murderer before his arrest. In a surprising turn of events, Max discovers he has room in his heart for one more. He refuses to stop searching until the real culprit is found and brought to justice for the Murder at the Beach. 

Club Reclamation is a place where Vets from all military branches come, chill, grab a drink or meal and find like-minded folks with a story to tell, or problem to share or a soapbox to stand on. If you’ve served in the Armed Forces, chances are you’ll find a friend who gets you and what you’ve been through at Club Reclamation, where everyone gets a second chance.

Former SEAL Maximus Delgado is called to the morgue to identify the body of a young boy who could be his four year old son, Kevin. With Detective Vargas and Brock in attendance, Max faces down his fears to do the unthinkable.

Mercy steps in and sends Max and his team on a journey to find his son who’s reportedly ill with a highly contagious disease. He must defend his name and honor against those who oppose him. With his lady by his side, the clock is ticking and Max is running out of options to defeat the Lies in the Morgue.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ready for a Little PDA?

Buy It Today!
Hello, Milly Taiden, welcome to SASSE Sheets. I appreciate you spending the day with us here. Before we get started with our talk tell me if you were to eat breakfast for dinner, would it be an omelet or waffle with toppings?

Milly: Oooh waffle please with blueberries and syrup

SASSE: I’m going to serve some up for myself as well, but with blackberry syrup. While your digging in, tell the readers a little about yourself. If you were not a romance writer, what would be your creative outlet?

Milly: That’s hard. I am not really a creative type of person. My sister and husband are so artistic. Me? I can tell a story or do boring stuff like work at an office. I’m not fun lol

SASSE: You are known for creating real, curvy girl heroines. What would do you like readers to take away from journeying through your stories with your heroines?

Milly: That curvy girls can have a happily ever after. That you don’t have to be a model to find a sexy man who will love and want you. That hot sex is not just for slim people.

SASSE: Are you more inspired by romantic movies or romantic music? What was the last movie or song that made you think of a romance story?

Milly: I think romantic music inspires me more than movies. I love oldies. One of my all-time favorite romantic songs is “I’ll Always Love You” performed by Taylor Dane. It’s a classic and my hubs raises the volume big time because he knows I’m gonna sing it at the top of my lungs lol.

SASSE:  Okay, I will tell you. I just get tickled just from reading the short book descriptions for each of these. They are clever and just make me smile. Can you explain to the readers about the Paranormal Dating Agency? How in the world did you come up with such a series?

Milly:  Hah! Well I love writing comedy. Especially romantic comedies with women I can relate to. I think it’s what makes my characters a little more real. The PDA is a business run by head shifter wolf, Geraldine Wilder. She’s not your typical grandmother. She tells it like it is and is very sassy. The women she matches all get a shifter and amazing sex. Because, why not, right?

SASSE: Happy release day! Your third PDA book, Her Purrfect Match, tell readers about this newest edition.

Milly: Thank you! Her Purrfect Match was so fun to write. Alyssa Moran is your typical woman who might hang on to a man a little too long even when she knows she should kick him in the ass. She finally decides if she wants children she needs a professional matchmaker. Enter Mrs. Wilder. Gray isn’t looking for a mate, but sometimes men don’t know what they need.

SASSE: Do you use celebrity character inspiration? If so, who would you choose for readers to really see your mental image of Grayson?

Milly: I don’t! But I did see this photo of a SUPER HOT guy on pinterest with all these swirly tattoos and short cropped hair with abs worthy of a few licks. He was definitely my inspiration for Gray.

SASSE: What was the most emotional challenging book to write out of the three PDA?

Milly: I think the first three were a breeze. I try to keep my stories fun and light-hearted so they keep the readers smiling. I think #4 is actually a little harder as I write it but otherwise they are great fun to write and super easy.

SASSE: I would like to thank you for the time to sit and chat. You’ve always been a sweet, kind and supportive person to fellow authors and this has been my weekly treat. Keep up the excellent writing work!

Milly: Thank you so much for allowing me to visit! <3 o:p="">

Learn more about Milly Taiden!

Hi! I'm Milly (AKA April Angel) I love to write sexy stories. They're usually either paranormal or contemporary with a large dose of heat. My paranormal stories can be anything from wolf-shifters (my favorites) to witches, demons and anything in between. I was born the prettiest part of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. Currently, I live in New York City with my hubby, the bossy kiddo and our little dog "Needy Speedy". Don't ask.

When I'm not working some really long hours at the day job, or hanging out in the awful life-sucking invention known as Facebook, messaging my bestie in the UK or shopping with my sis Julie, then I can be found watching scary movies. Buuut when I'm not doing that, I'm usually writing because the voices won't shut up.

I am addicted to shoe shopping, chocolate (but who isn't, right?) and Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

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Just copy and paste the following link into your web browser: http://eepurl.com/5bAb5

            Website: http://millytaiden.com

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            FB Author Page (if you have one):  http://fb.me/millytaidenpage
Other two books in the PDA series. They are standalone so you can buy them in any order.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SASSE Spotlight: Someone to Watch Over Me

Today SASSE is shining her spotlight on author Sienna Mynx new release SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME. If you have never read a Mynx romance, this is a good place to start.
The enemy of my enemy is a lover of mine…
Sometimes a girl’s savior could be the man no one dare trusts…

KaeCee Everett is a wanted woman. The leader of the Black Spyder motorcycle gang wants her dead. The federal agents sworn to protect her have cut her loose. The Russian mafia has a vested interest in the secrets she protects. And the father she had hoped would love and shield her from the violence of his legacy now sits in prison and plots his revenge. On the run for her life she arrives in Los Angeles with only one hope of surviving the chase. However, one of the fiercest enforcers turned private investigator has her under the scope of his lens. Will he help her avenge her brother’s death and escape the contract on her head? Or will his dark obsession with her be their ultimate demise?

Out Now! Get your copy here
To learn more about best selling author Sienna Mynx and check out all of her books, visit her website: http://siennamynx.com/

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


It is a beautiful day to enter a contest. Pick up a book by three fabulous authors Donna Hill, Cheris Hodges and Zuri Day! This is a collections readers have been asking for and talking about with these fine ladies.
Heat up the winter nights with this trio of sexy, festive stories.
A Promise For The Holiday Donna HillDevastated by her divorce, Cara Holiday vowed never to be vulnerable again. Now she's a wildly successful real estate broker, and wildly lonely. Restaurateur Mitch Davis has had his eye on her, but can't break the ice--until he cooks up a scheme to hire her. Soon Cara is enjoying his company--and secretly drawing out the process of selling his house. When their deceptions collide, will their blossoming relationship make it to the holidays?  A Sexy Christmas Carol Zuri DayAfter years of travel working for a pop diva, Carol Robbins has moved back to Detroit in time for the holidays. She's bought a home and bonded with her family. As for romance, she's got no prospects--until she attends a VIP party and makes a surprising love connection. Soon she's torn between her old "big life," her hopes for the future--and one man who may give her the greatest gift of all. . . Christmas Surprise Cheris HodgesTired of coming second to her wealthy husband's career, Lola Yvonne Joseph is sending him a very special gift this year: divorce papers. Then she's leaving Miami for the kind of wintery white Christmas she's always wanted. She definitely does not expect Jonathan to track her down, whisk her away, and do everything possible to win her back. If he succeeds, Lola has one more surprise in store for him. . .
Click the Link to Enter to Win!!

Friday, October 03, 2014

New Release by Yvette Hines: Haulcon's Revenge

When your clan leaves you for dead and your enemy becomes the key to your survival...revenge may be the only way to claim your life back.

USA Today Bestselling author Yvette Hines brings you a dark paranormal romance...

Haulcon has been left to die—without pride or honor. The clan he believed was family, brethren to him, turned out to be vicious thieves. Thieves of life. Now revenge’s blood beats Haulcon’s heart and he will stop at nothing to see those who attempted his murder pay. Resolving the issue of his saving grace, Adair, is a distraction he can’t risk.

Adair Ellis is a wildlife photographer, an explorer of sorts. However, the day she meets Haulcon, her life becomes more of an adventure than she can handle. Everything changes for her when she is drawn into a world so dark and dangerous it seems to rob her of her very being. But, she can’t turn back and she can’t flee the valf that she has become bound to for life.
Barnes and Noble (coming soon)

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

SASSE is 'Breaking Amish' in Romance with Stacy-Deanne

Hello SASSE Readers, let’s welcome Stacy-Deanne (Dee-Anne) to our SASSE World. Pull up a chair and tell me if you prefer a Dunkin Donut or a hot Krispy Kreme donut for our little chat.

Stacy: Thanks for having me! I’ve never had a Krispy Kreme. I love donuts but don’t eat them. In 2011 I changed to a healthy lifestyle so no donuts for me. LOL! I recently had some after not having any in years and because I don’t eat a lot of sugar or fried foods, they actually began to make me feel sick. It’s amazing how your body changes when you stop eating bad foods. You literally can’t take it. I have a sweet tooth so it can be hard sometimes to fight cravings, but being healthy is the most important to me. Also, I have lost a TON of weight and don’t want to go back to where I once was so I can live without the donuts. LOL! I’ll take some grapes and peanuts though. *smiles*

SASSE: Tell the readers a little about yourself. How did you get into writing?

Stacy: I’ve been in the industry since 1997 when I was 19. So I’ve been writing professionally almost twenty years! I’m single with no kids and live in Houston, Texas. People always told me I was a good writer when I was in school but I never wanted to be a writer until I was 19. I always had a great imagination and loved making up stories. The writing bug hit me when I got my first computer. I was able to just sit there and write down all my thoughts and I started writing stories. Once I’d written the first one I knew I wanted writing to be my career.

SASSE: What was the first romance book you ever read? What was your first impression of the genre?

Stacy: Hmm. When I was a child and teenager I didn’t read much romance. I was always into literary stories and mysteries. Mysteries are my favorite genre so I love romantic suspense especially. I guess I’d have to say it was one of Kay Hooper’s romantic suspense novels. I’ve read so many that I can’t even remember which one I read first. It was either her or Linda Howard. I used to be obsessed with Linda Howard too. LOL!

I loved how Linda and Kay mix suspense into many of their romances and have such deep characters. Before reading them I assumed all romances were like Harlequin books.

SASSE:  I don’t believe I have ever seen an IR Amish story before. It is an original breath of fresh air. Can you explain to the readers about Outside Woman? How did you come up with this story line?

Stacy: Yep, the fact that it’s different is why I did it. I strive to be different and bring something that either no one else has or that hasn’t been overly-done, to the table. I don’t follow trends or what might be popular. I write stories I enjoy, whether the idea is popular or not. I never want my books to blend in. I always want readers to know with me they will get a different experience, or at least something they don’t see over and over. I like to venture into storylines you don’t see in IR especially all the time. I also like to put a twist in my storylines or within my characters. I think writers should always come up with fresh stuff and switch things up.

Outside Woman is about a black woman, Thea, who is running from the law and she holds up in an Amish community. She is taken in by Elijah Roth, who is Thea’s uncle’s childhood friend. While there she meets the allusive Jacob, Elijah’s son, and gets dragged into the Roth’s family’s issues and helps them even more than they help her.

I came up with this story like I do all my stories. It simply started with an idea. I also find the Amish lifestyle interesting and fascinating so I wanted to write about it. I also hadn’t seen it done interracially so that was another plus.

SASSE: I can’t wait to read this book. I have already pre-ordered my copy. Will it be a series?

Stacy: Thanks for the support! Someone else asked about a sequel too. LOL! I hadn’t planned on writing a series but who knows? Honestly right now I prefer writing standalones. I’ve gotten burned out on writing series. I have two romantic suspense series going now and I’ve grown tired. I still love the characters, but I like how with standalones I can jump from storyline to storyline. It gets complicated writing a series, especially a long one. I find myself being bored after a while and if I am bored with the series, I know it’s time to wrap it up. Standalones keep things interesting for me because I can jump from storyline to storyline and embark on new adventures with new characters.

SASSE: Was there a challenging scene or aspect of this book that was difficult to write?

Stacy: Honestly, nope. I enjoyed writing each scene and once I started, the story just flew by. Nothing became hard for me emotionally or anything. Sometimes in my stories, that does happen, but I didn’t have any scenes that made me feel that way in Outside Woman.

SASSE: If you could think of a show readers should watch to get them ready to read this book what would it be?

Stacy: There isn’t a show I would suggest because all the Amish shows on today seem to be reality shows. I would say the movie Witness from 1985 with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis would be a good comparison. Ford is a cop who has to live in McGillis’ Amish community to protect her son who witnessed a murder. Any film with an outsider in an Amish community would be good to watch to get more insight into Outside Woman.

SASSE: If Hollywood called and asked to make this series a movie…BUT they wanted you to pick the people to star in it, who would you ask to direct it, play the hero and play the heroine?

Stacy: I love Ron Howard as director. He’d turn it from a romance to some big epic story like Far and Away. LOL! That might be cool. To star as Thea, I’d say maybe Kerry Washington. She reminds me of Thea with the crinkles, etc. To play Jacob, maybe Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m a huge Leo fan. Since Washington and DiCaprio have already been in a film together, it would be cool to see them as love interests. Leo is a bit older than Jacob, but he favors him and he can pull off any character.

SASSE: Thank you Stacy, this has been just fantastic to sit back with you and learn a little more about you and your writing.

Stacy: Thanks for having me. I appreciate it!

Learn more about Stacy-Deanne

Stacy-Deanne (pronounced Dee-Anne) is an interracial romance and interracial romantic suspense author. She is an award-nominated/bestselling author and winner of a 2013 Swirl Award, which recognizes excellence in interracial and multicultural books. Some of her books have received high praise on USA Today’s HEA blog.

            Website: http://www.stacy-deanne.net
            Twitter: https://twitter.com/stacydeanne
            Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stacy.deanne.5
While running from the law, Thea ends up in an Amish community inhabited by Elijah, the childhood friend of her late uncle. Not knowing the real reason she’s showed up, Elijah agrees to let her stay with his family temporarily. However, Elijah has two rules that cannot be broken.

First, Thea has to adopt the Amish lifestyle and respect their culture. Second, she has to stay away from Elijah’s son Jacob, who has been shunned by the entire community. Thea has no problem with the first rule, but from the moment she sees Jacob, she realizes Elijah’s second rule is impossible to follow.

Jacob is just as infatuated with Thea and refuses to turn his back on her, even after he finds out her secret. When Jacob decides he must leave the community, will Thea run from him or with him?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Romance Releases!

Lance Edison, a soccer player, feels like his life is finally coming together when he gets drafted into the professional soccer league. As he attempts to settle in his new city and focus on his career a familiar face appears expectantly. Does he take a chance on love?

Zoe Andrews, a waitress, was excited about receiving her marketing degree. This waitress turn marketing executive is offered her dream job that requires her to move. She thinks she finally finds balance in life. She never expected to have an old customer as a new client. The joy and passion of navigating a new relationship becomes dampened when lies and deceit from one of their past starts to tear at the new found trust they have begun to build with each other.

Will they be able put their past behind them to work together toward the same goal?

T.J. Sommers does not believe in love, relationships or happy endings. She has not had any that did not crush her more than the last. She has resolved herself to being alone and single. After all, it’s not so bad. That is until she meets Giovanni Vincenzo. He is promising her things she thought long forgotten, hot steamy days and hotter steamier nights. Will she be able to look beyond her past and broken heart to see what’s in front of her?

Giovanni fell in love with T.J. the moment he laid eyes on her and the first time he smelled her, tasted her, she was cemented into his heart and his soul. But he’s got a secret that could rip them apart. Will he be able to put his play boy façade away to capture the one woman who has brought him to his knees or will the secrets he’s holding in his back pocket rip her from his arms forever. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Weekend with Yvette Hines featuring Angie Daniels

Hello my SASSE Readers and those that live in the Tidewater area. As you know, I will be having my event A Weekend with Yvette Hines. Well, this year I have asked a few local authors to stop by to meet you all as well as be available for a mini book signing. Over the next few days I will be introducing some of you to these talented five ladies (Aliyah Burke, Angie Daniels, Bridget Midway, Denise Jeffries and Di Topaz). So, you will know what books they will be signing and offering for sale in either paperback or kindle.


Freelance photographer Kaelyn Chambers knows exactly what she wants her future to look like—kinky and hot with a no-strings attached relationship. After a late night of karaoke, she’s awakened by a sexy voice that leaves more than just her curiosity aroused. When Kayla finally meets delivery driver, Ashton Kilmer, he’s gorgeous and the attraction is explosive. And In a matter of hours, she realizes an afternoon fling comes with scandalous consequences, especially since Ashton’s determined to pleasure her in every way imaginable. But will Mr. Right become Mr. Wrong when she discovers who he really is? This is a 35,000 word erotic novella.

These two bestselling authors team up to introduce a sizzling new series....
After years of failed relationships, two sexy single best friends decide to take their chances at on-line dating. At first the experiences are interesting and exciting, but it isn’t long before the women discover things aren’t always as they seem…

Air Force officer Nyree Dawson meets Jeremy Samuels online, and as far as she’s concerned, he’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man. He’s spiritual, educated, and a beast in the bedroom. She thinks the ex-wife is a fool for divorcing such an amazing man, and before long they start planning a future together. It isn’t until after the couple is married that the lies begin to surface, and the relationship goes from “I do” to what in the world have I done?

Restaurant owner, Janelle Fox has always had a spare boo in her back pocket, but when she meets Kaleb Kerrington on a dating site, the rules suddenly change. He’s gorgeous and wealthy and she can’t believe her luck. Only Kaleb has been burned so many times he doesn’t trust his woman any further than he can see her. At first Janelle finds the jealousy cute and she’s determined to be the one to teach him how to trust. However, after a while the accusations get to be too much and she realizes the confident man she craved is insecure and unforgiving. And that’s only the beginning…

Peyton Powell is unhappily married to a man who doesn’t give the attention her body craves. The only excitement in her life was raising her twins and clipping coupons until she lands a job at Independent Woman magazine writing a column that explores women’s sexuality. Peyton’s never felt anything close to what she’s read in those supermarket romance novels, and with a husband who’s quick and selfish in bed, she isn’t sure she’s up for the challenge. But then everything changes…she’s asked to join an exclusive club and the initiation introduces her to an erotic world, a sisterhood, and a sexy, dominant stranger who has every intention of showing her the meaning of obedience and submission.However, once the blindfold comes off, and his identity is revealed, her life will never be the same again.
Check out all the other books Angie/Sasha has to offer at her website: www.angiedaniels.com
BOOK SIGNING DETAILS: http://yvettehines.com/a-weekend-with-yvette-hines/

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