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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pepper Pace is Turning it Up Again...

 Pepper Pace’s long awaited fourth book in the Wheels of Steel saga finds Robin and Jason reunited after a betrayal that Robin could not forgive. Too much drinking, partying and drug use leaves Robin with wavering control. And Jason has vowed that no matter what, he will never again lose the woman he loves.

Their tentative reunion is put to a test when tragedy requires them to travel to Japan where Robin is finally forced to face the one person whose betrayal she cannot forgive. In book four Pepper Pace brings together the entire Wheels of Steel crew along with new players … as well as new betrayals.
On the edge of becoming famous the Wheels of Steel crew have to navigate the Japanese nightlife, partying, drugs, the Yakuza—all with the backdrop of their creative music. Warning: This book is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic language and sex. All characters are 18+


After a nine hour flight the plane finally landed at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Jason grimaced when he stood. His body felt stiff and he was just grateful for a flight with no layovers—thank you James Edelson.

He and Robin were allowed to be the first to disembark and Mr. Edelson said that there would be a car waiting for them. Jason had earned a jab to the arm when he advised Mr. Edelson to make sure the car was big enough to accommodate Robin’s entire luggage. Robin was just happy that she had packed as much as she had. She had looked at the prices in Tokyo and she would not be going on any shopping sprees.

As the two made their way to the terminal Robin saw a sign that said simply WOS, being held over the head of a young Asian man that looked like a teenager.

“Is that us?” she asked as she began to walk in that direction.

Jason caught her hand. “No. Mr. Edelson is over here.”

Robin turned and saw that indeed, the neatly dressed white haired man was waiting for them with a broad smile. Robin then noticed that there were other people holding signs over their heads. Some said Top, some said Wheels of Steel and a few signs read Soul Horizon, which was the name of the first collaboration album between Wheels of Steel and Akita Tom.

Robin stared with her mouth agape until Jason tugged her arm and urgently whisked her in the direction of Mr. Edelson who quickly boarded them into a mobile luggage cart. A driver in uniform was already behind the wheel.

A moment later a girl screamed. “TOP! It’s Top!”

By then they were already driving away. Jason and Robin craned their necks at the twenty or so teens that were trying to catch sight of them. Uniformed security kept the fans from chasing the cart.

Robin looked at Jason who was equally as surprised.

“Jeez,” she said, “Did you know you had groupies?”

Jason’s mouth was still open as he shook his head. “J just said that there would be a luggage cart waiting so that I wouldn’t have to try to navigate through the crowd …”

Mr. Edelson placed a hand on Jason’s shoulder. “We have no idea how they figured out which flight you were arriving on. We got Belinda and Peter through easily with only a few fans waiting in the terminal.” Mr. Edelson didn’t seem surprised that there were fans waiting for Jason as he gave a quick glance at the disappearing throng of yelling people.

Jason looked at Mr. Edelson. “J, maybe we should go back so that I can sign some autographs.”

Mr. Edelson smiled. “No, that’s not a good idea. You can sign autographs at the events—that way we’ll have the adequate security available.”

Security? Robin thought, still in a state of disbelief. Jason wasn’t a shooting star. He was already a star.

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