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Monday, June 15, 2015

Oh...For Baby's Sake (shh...it's a sneak peek)

Hello SASSE Readers, let’s welcome Stephanie Morris to our SASSE World. I had the opportunity to read all three stories in the For Baby’s Sake series and really enjoyed them. So, I’m taking a moment to invite the author here to share about them with you.

SASSE: What inspired this series?

Stephanie: I have two wonderful friends that are currently married to men in the military. I also have several members of my family that have served as well. Over the years I have supported my family and friends during deployments. I’ve experienced the ups and downs, the stress and the worry over their safety. I wrote these books in tribute to them. I wanted to create stories that not only focused on military men and romance, but some of the real tension that comes along with being involved with one, especially when something unexpected happens along the way. I owe my family and friends a lot of thanks, because I used them to verify information about what is allowed and not allowed during deployments. I hope that this series gives the reader a new appreciation of  what the family members (and friends) that support our deployed service men and women go through.

SASSE: Can you tell the readers about the third and final story in the For Baby’s Sake series?

Stephanie: The MARINES Baby Gift is third book in the series. It is actually my favorite of the series. Zahra and Jarrett are friends who have become lovers due to disastrous relationships. However, a positive pregnancy test sets the wheels in motion for an adventure that Zahra and Jarrett never expected.
SASSE:  We all love a sneak peek. Can you give us a short excerpt of the story?


“How long has it been?” Jarrett asked for the fiftieth time.
             Zahra picked up her cell phone and checked the timer she’d set. “One minute down. One to go.”
             “Are you sure it’s only been one minute?”
             “Yes, I’m sure.” Zahra couldn’t really fault Jarrett for sounding as stressed as he did. Two minutes had never felt like an eternity before not to her either. And her already small bathroom seemed to be closing in on her every second that ticked away. Both of them had been standing there, just inches apart for one full minute, waiting for an answer to the burning question.
             She looked over at him, but quickly averted her gaze. It was hard to bear the strained looked on his face. She wasn’t certain this was going to end well, no matter the outcome.
             Incapable of standing still any longer, she picked up the extra pregnancy test and stuffed it back into the box with the instructions. No way in the world was she going to torture herself by taking two.
             Whatever the results were, she’d already decided to make an appointment Monday morning with her OB/GYN to confirm either way. She put the box back on the counter, then began trying to figure out what else she could do as not to focus on the test stick. When she looked at Jarrett again, he stood in the open doorway to the bathroom. She saw him scowling at the pregnancy test as if that would make a difference.
             If it’d been one of the Marines under his command, she was positive the test would have stood at attention and yelled out the results with clear precision. If she hadn’t been so on edge, she’d laughed at her colorful imagery. Instead, Zahra hugged herself tightly, trying to ignore her nerves. She was sure this entire test thing would have been easier to deal with if she was in the bathroom by herself. But it was too late for that. Now all she had to do was remain sane while they waited for the results.
             Zahra watched him out of the corner of her eye. On edge, solemn, he was probably uttering every prayer he knew under his breath in hopes of keeping the test from revealing a positive.
             The more important question was, why wasn’t she doing the same?
             A loud beep rang out unexpectedly and Zahra jumped. Jarrett stepped further into the bathroom, reaching for her cell phone to silence it. Glancing over at her, he asked needlessly, “It’s supposed to say pregnant or not pregnant, right?”
             She nodded, knowing as well as he did that neither of them would never need instructions on how to take a pregnancy test ever again. They had already gone over them several times before she’d taken the test. Besides, there was a lot at stake. She released a pent-up breath and tried to steady herself against the emotions threatening to swamp her.
             “Do you want me to look,” Jarrett asked, “or do you want to?”
             “Be my guest.” She squeezed her eyes shut and waited. It didn’t matter who read the results, she told herself. The outcome would be the same. And her hope for solitude had already been blown out the water.  
SASSE: What is the next story on the desk of Stephanie Morris?

Stephanie: I am currently wrapping up edits on a four book Christmas series. Those who know me are well aware of the fact that I LOVE the holidays! I hope the readers find these stories hot enough to melt the snow, whether it is real or imaginary. J  Once I have finished the edits for the Christmas series, I will get back to work on the Valentine’s Day series that I was working on. So stay tuned. I plan to heat up the holidays.

SASSE: Thank you Stephanie, this has been great hanging out with you and discussing your series.

Stephanie: Thank you Yvette. It is always a pleasure to discuss books with you.

Readers, if you would like to learn more about Stephanie Morris and her books, connected with her these ways:

            Website: www.stephaniemorris.webs.com
            Twitter: https://twitter.com/smorrisbooks
            Facebook: www.facebook.com/authorstephaniemorris


  1. cherryce8:21 AM

    when is this coming out. i have enjoyed the other two

    1. Thank you for your support! It is greatly appreciated. The release date is July 1st.

  2. Stephanie, I love this series!! I am an Army vet and I love to read stories where we are the lead and reveals us as regular people with emotions and faults. The excerpt has me bouncing in my seat waiting for the book to drop.

    Yvette, thank you for another fantastic interview of a wonderful author.

    1. Jacinator, you are more than welcome. I value my author friends and my readers so I try and offer you all just a glimpse into their writing and stories. Glad you like it.

    2. Jacinator, thank you! I appreciate your support! I am so glad that I was able to convey that to you as a reader. That was my goal.

      I hope you enjoy Zahra and Jarrett's story!


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