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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lanna Farrell is Bringing You Holiday Cheer

Hello SASSE Readers, I would like to welcome and introduce you to romance Author Lanna Farrell.

SASSE: Share a little about yourself. How did you start writing romance?

Lanna: I started writing romance in early 2003 with the help of many other authors I’ve written 15 books. With the start of my Steel Toes to Stilettos series, then continuing onto my Holiday Cheer Series I’ve enjoyed sharing my stories with my readers. As my friends and family will confirm I’m never far from a pen and paper.

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SASSE: Tell us about your Holiday Cheer series. What is the underline theme of these five stories in the set?

Lanna: This box set is a paranormal sweet romance series. I’ve based it on a security firm the Livingstons who have taken it upon themselves to keep the humans in their world safe.

The first book in the series The Spook and the Hacker is about a hacker, Mariah Livingston who is in love with a regular guy or so she thought until she finds out he is an undercover CIA agent who will stop at nothing to uncover her role as a hacker.

As the series takes off with book two, A Grateful Heart, Gabriel a military man who has retired to only suffer PTSD who can’t handle being around others until he meets Sophia a woman who can’t touch others for fear of reading their every thought and fear. She is a empathsis who takes on other’s pain. With book three, four and five it continues on the tale of the Livingstons Agency and its employees. From wolf, lion and dragon shifters.

SASSE: Are the stories standalone? If readers purchase the value set together can they read them out of order?

Lanna: Each book is a stand alone and is about two people who fall in love and end in a happy ever after story. They can be read in order or as a single story. I’ve had people tell me they love the entire series and that’s why I’ve decided to release them as a box set.

SASSE: I know like babies, a mother can’t say which is her favorite, but which of the five stories do you find yourself enjoying writing the most? Why?

Lanna: My favorite is book 5. Out of the Darkness. Mailaki is my dragon shifter and I absolutely love him. Through each book 1-5 he’s been everyone’s constant. So writing his story was special to me because I needed him to have someone to love as well love him.

SASSE: Thank you Lanna, this has been great sitting down and chatting with you. I enjoy your books as a reader and consider you a dear friend as an author. What is the next story readers can look for from you?

Lanna: You Belong to Me. This is book One of the Livingstons Agency Series. This is a spin off series from my Holiday Cheer Series only it is more of a flame level of a 3 :)

SASSE: How can readers connect with you socially?

Lanna: Yes of course, I’d be happy to get to know anyone who would want to follow me at facebook, twitter, my website. If they go to lannafarrell.com and send me a private message I’ll be happy to chat with them.

Website: lannafarrell.com
Twitter: @LannaFarrell67
Goodreads: Lanna Farrell
Facebook: lannafarell.facebook.com
Buy the boxset for $5.99 for five books: Amazon



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