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I love romance and writing it is one of my greatest pleasures. Along with writing romance, I love sitting back and talking with authors that love romance just as much as I do. Since I've been reading romance since I was sixteen years old I am a book lover that still reads lots of books in a month. So, weekly I will also post my book picks. They may be picks that are new releases or maybe a favorite book of mine. On this blog you will see books featured by ALL romance genres.




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Friday, September 05, 2014

Having a Protected Interview with Four Men and Stephanie Morris

Hello SASSE Readers, let’s welcome Stephanie Morris to our SASSE World. Pull up a chair and tell me if you prefer fudge brownies or creamy cheese cake for our little chat.
Stephanie: Because I have a wicked sweet tooth, I’m going to be greedy and say both. Nothing like a creamy fudge cheesecake brownie. It’s truly the best of both words.
SASSE: I took you up on your word about that treat, Stephanie and you are right, it is delicious. Thanks for the suggestion. Tell the readers a little about yourself. How did you get into writing? Have you always thought you would be a romance writer?
Stephanie: Well, I am the author of sensual romance in the Contemporary African American, Interracial and Multicultural genres. How I got into writing started through my love of poetry. Growing up I enjoyed creating vivid poems. That creativity soon blossomed into creating short stories and as they say, the rest is history. But with that being said, I didn’t always think I would be a romance writer, since my first love was poetry. I actually thought I would be a poet.
SASSE: What was the first romance book you ever read? What did you think? What was your first impression of the genre?
Stephanie: The first romance book I can remember reading was Savage Dreams by Cassie Edwards. I’m positive I’d read romance books before then, but Savage Dreams is the first one I can remember. It was also my first foray into interracial romance. That’s why I can recall it so well. I loved the book as well as the entire Savage series.
I’ve always been intrigued by the Native American culture, so it was interesting to see how Ms. Edwards portrayed the race in romance. The only difference in my opinion was that I didn’t see it as savagery. I saw the Native American men at that time as the epitome of “alpha male” before it became a coined phrase. Ms. Edwards is definitely one of the reasons why I fell in love with the romance genre.  
SASSE:  Can you explain to the readers about The Protectors series? How did you come up with this series?
Stephanie: The Protectors series is one of my favorite. I wanted to create a series about men who were willing to protect their women above all else. I actually come up with this series while watching a television show called Marshal Law Texas. Something about the show made me sit up and pay attention and my brain went into overdrive.
However, I put a little bit of a spin on the series. I didn’t want all of the heroes to be Marshals. So I only made one a Marshal. The other three were a undercover police detective, a former Navy SEAL and an undercover FBI Agent. I really enjoyed creating this series as well as engaging with the law enforcement officials that were willing to give me just enough information to make me dangerous.
SASSE: If you had to name a movie that readers could watch to get them ready to read this series what would it be?
Stephanie: The first one that comes to mind is Speed. The first movie not the second one. Speed was the perfect balance of romance and suspense/thrills. Even though Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves character’s lives were in danger, you could feel the budding chemistry between them. You couldn’t help but to root for them. More importantly, you knew that Keanu’s character was going to do whatever it took to save Sandra’s character.
SASSE: If Hollywood called and asked to make this series a movie…BUT they wanted you to pick your favorite to be the first release, which of the four stories would you choose AND who would you ask to direct it, play the hero and play the heroine?
Stephanie: Whoa! Good question. I actually had to think about this because I really love all four books in this series. But if I had to choose one, I’d be crazy not to choose the book that started it all, Strictly Confidential. I would choose Michael Bay as the director, because I feel like he could be the one to pull it off. He’s done an awesome job with the remake of Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, both of which have a romance as the underlying story. Not to mention the awesome love triangle he created in Pearl Harbor. I’d choose Esai Morales to play the hero and Nicole Beharie to play the heroine.
SASSE: Thank you Stephanie, this has been just delightful to sit back with you and learn a little more about you and your writing. I'm a HUGE movie goer so it was entertain in the fact I could see this movie playing out on the silver screen.
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Stephanie Morris enjoys creating a story that combines a sensual energy with a captivating storyline. Sometimes her heroines have an edgier persona to them and sometimes they are of a softer essence. But all the time, her heroines are like real women, just trying to make a living and keep on going no matter what challenges life brings them. In Stephanie’s opinion, there is nothing like curling up with a good book that you can’t put down, and she is addicted to writing them.
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~Meet four men with a strong sense of justice who will stop at nothing to protect their women.~

The day undercover police officer Peyton Aldridge met Dejah Cambell he met his match. After an accident leaves her with memory loss, he’s responsible for keeping her safe until she can testify and put her stalker behind bars. That also means he has to keep his hands off her, but he wants her so badly he aches. All he has to do is pretend to be her fiancé until her memory returns. Once the case is closed then he can pursue her openly. Only, he doesn’t count on Dejah to make his job so difficult.

Dejah is scared out of her mind when she wakes up and realizes that her memory is gone. If it hadn’t been for her sexy pretend "fiancé," Peyton, she wouldn’t even know her name or that’s she’s in danger. But constantly being in such close proximity to him all the time sends her libido into a tailspin. It’s too bad Peyton wants to play the role of a noble gentleman. But she plans to put an end to that. While she may have difficulty recalling several aspects of her life, the one thing she hasn’t forgotten is how to seduce a man.
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Rhian Whitfield hasn’t felt safe since that one fateful night. Now it means she’s destined to live on the run. Her life is in danger and so is anyone she comes into contact with. Lurking in the shadows is a man who wants her dead. Rhian knows she has to keep to herself and never allow anyone to get close. Then she meets Kole Ackart. A man who gets her all hot and bothered, leaving her aching with a need she can’t afford to be distracted by.

Kole Ackart is not the man that Rhian thinks he is, but he has a job to do. If he does it well, she’ll be able to get her life back. Only he can’t tell her what he’s doing because it stands to ruin his entire undercover operation. Rhian makes things more difficult for him than he expects. He doesn’t expect her to be so savvy or attractive. But he can’t let that deter him. He has a job to do and there’s no room for errors. Rhian clearly has secrets he’s determined to learn what they are.
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Leila Burns never thought she would wake up to the U.S. Marshal’s breaking into her house to execute a search warrant. Once she realizes they are looking for an ex-boyfriend that she hasn’t spoken to or seen in months she’s livid. She’s a law-abiding, taxpaying citizen who expects her hard earned money to go toward hiring competent public servants. Now if she could just get her libido in check so that she can give Supervisor Deputy U.S. Marshal Emilio Santiago a piece of her mind.

Emilio Santiago knows he shouldn’t be turned on by Leila’s verbal lashing, but the entire time she berates him and the task force team he’s a part of for acting on their bad intelligence, it’s all he can think about. She’s a gorgeous little spitfire that he wants to get to know better. Unfortunately she’s been linked a dangerous narcotics dealer who is wanted for attempted murder. Once he confirms that it is all just one big mix up, he’s free to pursue her. But just as things are going well between them Leila’s ex-boyfriend returns, threatening her safety. Then it becomes a matter of winning her heart while keeping her out of harm’s way becomes his main priority.
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Bria Cunningham made a huge mistake when she said “I do” to her ex-husband. She’d been so infatuated she missed the signs of his abusive nature until it was too late. Now she’s living in fear. He's stolen her job, her family, her friends and her freedom. She's done everything she can to save herself, including going to the police, with no avail. Being on the run has left her exhausted, untrusting and alone—until she meets Holden...

Ex-Navy SEAL Holden Kane is furious when runs into Bria. She’s so fatigued she collapses in his arms from exhaustion. When the last thing she whispers is “don’t let him find me”, his hackles go up. It isn’t until she regains consciousness that he realizes she’s referring to her violent ex-husband. As Bria begins to reveal her plight he knows she needs him. He’s more than willing to help her, because the moment he met her, he knew she was the one he’d been waiting for. But it’s clear he has a long fight ahead of him. Bria’s heart is battered and broken. She also has a sadistic ex-husband that will stop at nothing to get her back.
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  1. OK excellent sit down and chat I actually have not read any of the series but it's changing as of now. I love how you (Sephanie) had a love of poetry before u started writing. It's amazing how u can pull your stories together and come out with such superb endings. I enjoy your writing skills and Yvette u already know....You ROCK!!!!

    1. Thank you! This series has a special place in my heart. I love men in uniform who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to protect their woman. That's what this series is all about.

  2. Erica G9:37 AM

    This was such a nice conversation in getting to know more about Stephanie and her writing. I have read and enjoyed many of Stephanie's books and just bought Counterfeit Engagement so I can't wait to start this new series. Also, thanks, Stephanie, for the reference to Cassie Edwards. I'll have to check her out.

    1. Thank you as well Erica! I do appreciate your support. Definitely check out Cassie Edwards Savage series. I think they are good reading.


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