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Monday, July 14, 2014

Scandalous Heroes: Tiana Laveen Interview

As readers who have seen, bought and read several boxedsets with multiple authors, I'm sure you wonder, how did the author chose their particular story? or why did this author decide to do a box set? or What's the purpose?. Well, I'm bringing you those answers.

Today I present to you, Tiana Laveen, the author of "Tattooed Moon" in Scandalous Heroes...

Tiana is out of this world inventive and creative. I think that's why I enjoy her stories. She takes and idea and makes it not only delivers it but adds her own twist, making it paranormal...bordering on sci-fi because she is an original and masterful author. For example, when I say SAINT...readers say, 'he is out of this world'. Now, she delivers us a contemporary romance that is emotionally charged like it is nobodies business. Check out the interview and get to know Tiana yourself.

Julian Savant is a gifted tattoo artist, free spirit and business owner, who has set his keen eye upon conservative accountant, Milan Parker. When the two meet during a dark time in Milan’s life, they begin to draw from one another, painting their mutual attraction and desires cerebrally and in the flesh. Little does Milan know, Julian draws more than just her attention and skilled designs upon her body. As his needle works its way into both their hearts, they find fulfillment and healing in ways neither of them imagined.

SASSE: Tell me how you came up with the plot for your story in the Scandalous Hero boxed set.

Tiana: I had been wanting to do a somewhat similar plot for awhile, but I hadn't gotten it all mapped out in my head. Then, after I had began writing it, unfortunately, my grandmother died. I was very close to her, and it was unexpected. I then used that as part of the plot and tried to turn my hurt into something positive. I put the feelings, emotions associated with the recent loss, into the story of the two main characters and the story came out completely differently than I had outlined. I liked the end result, though at times it was painful to write. It worked for this story though, it was better than my original outline in my opinion.

SASSE: Is your story connected to a series you write?

Tiana: No, it is not a part of a series. This is a standalone book.

SASSE: What was the most challenging scene to write?

Tiana: The most challenging scene to write was when Milan was lamenting over the death of her mother to Julian in his kitchen the morning after they'd made love. Another one that was difficult was when he was discussing the death of his son on their first date. I did not have that scene outlined that way. I just let the characters flow and speak to one another, and it simply happened, so I went with it. That scene was supposed to be a 'normal' first date with heightened attraction, but it transformed. Again, I pulled from real life tragedies and pain, and twisted them to fit with the lives of the characters so that it would be more authentic and something the readers could relate to. Almost everyone has lost someone they loved - people understand that. We all handle grief differently, but the pain is universal. I was already struggling due to death of my grandmother, literally worked on this book while in the hospital after she was declared deceased, so the 'reservoir' of insight was right there with me. I wrote the dedication a few hours after she passed away. The entire experience was surreal. I simply took advantage of it instead of allowing it to fester. I was alone in the hospital, at three in the morning, and I needed to 'do something' with myself so that I wouldn't break out in another crying jag or fit of anger. My emotions were all over the place and needed to be harnessed. I pulled out my laptop and continued to write.

SASSE: Did you have celebrity inspiration for your hero(s) and heroine?

Tiana: No I didn't. In my mind, they were just regular people and I didn't have a model or celebrity in mind.

SASSE: Why did you choose to join the Scandalous Heroes boxed set with these 8 other authors?

Tiana: I was invited by my friend and sister author, Yvette Hines. They'd (the group of authors minus myself and Serenity King) had already gotten started, but she asked me if I was interested and I most certainly was. Some of the best authors in romance were already 'signed up' and I already knew the bulk of the women involved and understood that not only would I be giving our readers a present of sorts, but I'd be working with a group of gifted, talented women who have a love and respect for the craft. I was excited to be a part of this venture and the icing on the cake was knowing that many of our readers overlapped, and I'd been hearing through the rumor mill that they wanted us to collaborate. So for me, it was a no-brainer. I'd get to work with wonderful authors and give the readers something they've been wanting for quite some time.

SASSE: What do you want the readers/romance world to take away from the collection once they read it?

Tiana: I want the readers to take away whatever they personally need and desire. If they want an escape, then I want that wish to be granted. If they want romantic ideas, I want that to be obtained. If they want to learn more about themselves in the process, and simply disappear into 9 different worlds, then that is perfect to me. The only thing I can add to that is that I want the readers to understand that we did this from our heart. Our readers support us, they spread the word when we have new releases and encourage us. It is difficult being an indie author at times, though it is also very rewarding. We need the readers love and support. It is essential. So I want them to understand that we appreciate them, and that we created 9 unique books for the price that it is to let them know that, 'Hey, without you, there is no us - so here you go. You deserve this and then some.'


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