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Friday, July 11, 2014

Scandalous Heroes: Latrivia S. Nelson Interview

As readers who have seen, bought and read several boxedset with multiple authors, I'm sure you wonder, how did the author chose their particular story? or why did this author decide to do a boxseted set? or What's the purpose?. Well, I'm bringing you those answers.

Today I present to you, Latrivia S. Nelson, the author of "Vasily's Revenge" in Scandalous Heroes...

Nobody does Russian mafia romance, like Latrivia. She has been gracing the literary world with the Medlov series for years and we are soooo grateful for it.

Vasily Kavlov is head of security for the most feared and revered Russian mafia organization in the free world, The Medlov Crime Family. A quiet henchmen with no family, no love life and unyielding loyalty to his bosses, the thirties something bad boy is all work and no play. However, his past quickly comes back to haunt him, when the woman he nearly gave his life for ten years ago is threatened once again by an old enemy. Going to Lilly Rasputin’s aid won’t just be a journey down memory lane, it’s also a jolt to the system when he learns that he’s the father to her child.

Will changing everything in his life, give him new lust for it? And can he trust a woman who was the cause of his near death before?


SASSE: Tell me how you came up with the plot for your story in the Scandalous Hero boxed set.

Latrivia: Since I introduced Vasily in Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign, women have been begging me to write a story about him.  I wanted to be able to do just that, but I felt like prior to Saving Anya, people didn’t know enough about him to get a full understanding of how sexy he really could be.  Once we had gained momentum for the second generation of Medlov Men (Anatoly, Gabriel, Vasily and Boris), I felt as though we could present a story devoted strictly to him. 
When I started the story, I was really excited. I wanted to introduce some other Russian bad boys, and Leo was all that I had dreamed of (bad, hot, crazy and killable).  LOL. I know I’m twisted, but I can’t write a book where my boys can’t draw blood.  So, we have to create polarizing characters and extreme situations.  

SASSE: Is your story connected to a series you write?
Latrivia: The Medlov Men will be a new series devoted to each character (Dmitry Medlov, Anatoly Medlov, Gabriel Medlov and Bodyguards Boris and Vasily).  They will all be short stories, but they are designed to give a contemporary look at each of our favorite men during the height of a serious relationship issue.  We know that they are mafia men, but I think that readers want a more personal look into the life and how they deal with family and life on a daily basis.

SASSE: What was the most challenging scene to write?

Latrivia: The most challenging scene to write was definitely the scene where Leo breaks out of Attica.  Don’t ask me why, but I found that entire scene to be exhausting.  It was funny.  It occurred to me that I was stressing out.  I had to run a few miles to get the endorphins pumping and then come back and finish.

SASSE: Did you have celebrity inspiration for your hero(s) and heroine?
Latrivia: For this particular book, I didn’t have a celebrity in mind.  However, I did do a fun video for fans to tell me who they would pick as their own Vasily.  I love the interaction that I have with fans.  They tell me what type of bad boy that they like, what they don’t have in their realities, so that I can make it a part of their fantasies.  After all, that’s the purpose of writing for me, to entertain my lovely readers.
SASSE: Why did you choose to join the Scandalous Heroes boxed set with these 8 other authors?
Latrivia: When I was approached, I was approached by a friend who is also one of the 9, so I did it because I’d never worked on a project with her, and I was excited about that.  However, the larger vision started to take shape as I realized what we were doing.  This is historic for our genre and it’s relevant to the need for women to control their own destinies.  As a small publisher, it has been an honor to host the ladies and as a writer, it has been a pleasure to work with them. 
SASSE: What do you want the readers/romance world to take away from the collection once they read it? 
Latrivia: I want readers to walk away feeling completely entertained.  This box set won’t cure cancer, end poverty or eradicate world hunger, but it will entertain you for hours.  It’s the best dollar that you’ll ever invest in a book.  It will take you away from your daily work, from the stresses of your daily life and from the heroics of just being a normal woman. You’ll get to enjoy all sorts of romantic interludes and have a few laughs and cries all for the low price of 99 cents.  And most importantly, you’ll do so with us: Yvette Hines, Sienna Mynx, Bridget Midway, Aliyah Burke, Pepper Pace, Tiana Laveen, Erosa Knowles, Serenity King and Latrivia Nelson. id you have celebrity inspiration for your hero(s) and heroine?



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