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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Another Amazing Release by Sienna Mynx...Paper Dolls

Hello SASSE Readers, let’s welcome the one and only Sienna Mynx to our SASSE World. It is spring and love is in the air, there’s not a better time for a romance writer I can think of. Now I get the great opportunity to sit back with one of my Scandalous sisters, sip some wine and chat.

SASSE: Sienna, you have been known for your Mafia men and dangerous, bad boy series, are you moving into a new genre of romance or something else?  

Sienna: I don’t know if this story moves me into a new genre. My most popular books are the bad boy mafia type stories. Yes I freely admit that. But I’ve written different kinds of women’s fiction and historical fiction in the past. The most comparable to Paper Dolls are my stories Before Sunrise, Bad Habits, Love After War. I think that as a writer one can exhaust themselves when just sticking to one type of story. After my last Battaglia book I needed the chance to tell the story of love from a different angle.

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SASSE:  How did this story come about? Where did you come up with the title Paper Dolls?

Sienna: The story was written in 2006 as a free blog story. It was based on three friends and their lives in the South Beach, Miami popular scene. I’m from Miami and always loved the flavor of my city and the fast lifestyle many people lived. It’s a juicy backdrop for some good storytelling. Fast-forward to today and the world of celebrity today and I find it very different from when I originally wrote the story. We have selfie-queens, over-hyped musicians and spoiled celebrities. I decided to delve into that TMZ world with my three ladies and see where the story could take us.

SASSE:  Tell us about the Paper Dolls book. Why did you decide to tell these three women’s stories in one? Is it an anthology?

Sienna: It is three stories that make up a whole story. So I consider it three books for the price of one. Paper Dolls focuses on the lives of a celebrity publicist, a fallen R&B singer, and a celebrity hair stylist who were college friends and formed a very strong bond when one of them reach fame. The story begins with a shattered marriage, a love triangle, and a woman who whose lost faith in the man she’s loved for years. It’s friendship that keeps the ladies strong and faith in the men in their lives that bring us all through the tale. 

SASSE:  What was the challenge of this book?

Sienna: The biggest challenge for me was keeping each woman’s tale different and unique. With the way social media tells us all the dirty secrets of celebrities constantly it’s hard to be surprised by anything in the world of fame and fortune. I constantly juggled between the human element of our ladies from the flash, ego-tripping world they lived in.

SASSE: If Hollywood called what three actresses would you see playing Raven, Valentina and Zephyr?

Sienna: I know that I had picked Zoe Saldana for Zephyr. I would love Kerry Washington to play Raven, and my ideal woman for Valentina was Lauren Hill before she disappeared from the pop scene.

SASSE: What can readers expect next from the desk of Sienna Mynx?

Sienna: I am doing a story of an older woman and younger man. A really interesting love story that I’ve never told before. Expect that soon.

SASSE: Sienna, I really enjoyed our chat. Thanks for stopping by at SASSE Sheets and sharing your book with us.
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