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I love romance and writing it is one of my greatest pleasures. Along with writing romance, I love sitting back and talking with authors that love romance just as much as I do. Since I've been reading romance since I was sixteen years old I am a book lover that still reads lots of books in a month. So, weekly I will also post my book picks. They may be picks that are new releases or maybe a favorite book of mine. On this blog you will see books featured by ALL romance genres.




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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Hello SASSE Readers, let’s welcome the one and only Pepper Pace to our SASSE World. I have the great opportunity to sit back with one of my Scandalous sisters and enjoy some urban jazz music and cognac…because you got to do smooth when it comes to hanging out with Pep.

SASSE: Pepper, you are Urban Contemporary Romance Fiction at its finest. You bring a classical 70’s grit, knowledge and harmony to the romance genre like no one else can. So, modern day Zora Neal Hurston, tell us about The Shadow People.  

Pepper: Thank you Yvette. The Shadow People is a huge departure from what people are used to reading from me. To put it bluntly, it is scary. It is about a young woman who discovers as a teen that she is sensitive to the paranormal world. So when a new friend describes being visited nightly by ‘shadowy figures’ the heroine tries to get to the bottom of it. By doing so, she opens herself up to these shadow figures. What follows is this slow, creepy, mystery that the girl must uncover before it’s too late for her. Of course, because I am Pepper Pace, it is an IR story and there is some hot sexiness and yes … an HEA. So don’t get too scared!

SASSE:  Where did you come up with the idea The Shadow People?

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Pepper:  The Shadow People are a true phenomenon and their visitations have occurred to hundreds of thousands of people, including myself. I will bet that if asked there are more people who have seen these Shadow People than who haven’t. Or… it just might mean that I attract more friends that experience these odd occurrences, lol. I’m not sure which is more true.

For years I would not talk about or think about the Shadow People, and then one day I felt compelled to bring up the topic with a close friend and that is how I learned that there was an actual name for it. I learned that the EXACT thing that I had witnessed was witnessed by others and had been described in great detail. I then talked to a few other close friends about it and almost all of them had experiences with The Shadows or something similar. What intrigued me is that none of my friends were afraid of them. I was the only one that was terrified. So I wrote The Shadow People based on my own experiences and the experiences of the people that I’ve met in an attempt to try to de-mystify it for myself.  This is a fictional tale, but it is based on truths. And of course there are Pepper Pace twists and turns that are chilling at some moments and sweet and romantic at others.

SASSE:  Do you see this book as a single title or is it part of a new series?

Pepper: It is not a series. The Shadow People first appeared in print on Literotica.com as a free read several years ago. It was one and done with a neatly wrapped up ending. Before I pulled it for re-editing and publishing there were a lot of readers that enjoyed the story and characters and wanted to see more of them. Danielle is a pretty gutsy heroine and with her partner in crime I can see her tackling other paranormal mysteries. So if enough people want to see that happen they just need to let me know and I will make it happen.

SASSE:  Some authors say they pour themselves into a book. Are you one of those types of authors and do you get emotional along with the characters in the scenes you are writing?  

Pepper: Definitely, Yvette! As the writer I have boo-hooed while writing scenes. I have cursed and asked a character ‘why you wanna go and do that???’ I’ve even tried to change the course of a character—only to go back and have to delete a mega-ton of writing in order to get them back on their own track. I am being taken on the same journey as you the reader. I feel more like a scribe than like an author.

My stories begin with an idea in which I allow my imagination to run away with. I see points A to Z, but once I begin to write it all unfolds organically without me trying to ‘make’ it go in a certain direction. Sometimes the book ends up in the direction that I had originally thought, but not always.

SASSE: What character in this book is most like Pepper? In looks, style or attitude?

Pepper: Danielle is like me in attitude. She has this ‘I will solve everything’ attitude. When things get scary she then hides her head under the covers. But when its do or die time Danielle is a fighter and she will scrap to get the job done.

SASSE: What can readers expect next from the mind of Pepper Pace?

Pepper: I’m writing a novella (I think it will be a novella) entitled Second Chances. It is about a woman that gets ‘caught-up’. She is just like you and me and many other women who are trying to make their ends meet, give their children a good life and stay out of the cross-hairs of the debt collector. She is a good person but makes a mistake that sends her to jail. In jail her story begins and a new world unfolds for her. I’m trying to explain to my number 1 Beta Reader that some bad things have a silver lining—especially if your prison guard is a big, scary looking downhome country boy that hates everyone except you.

SASSE: Pepper, I really enjoyed our chat. Thanks for stopping by at SASSE Sheets and sharing your book with us.

Pepper: Thank you for the invite—let me chug the last of my cognac before I leave!

Who is Pepper Pace?
Pepper Pace lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where many of her stories take place. She writes in the genres of science fiction, youth, horror, urban lit and poetry.  She is a member of several online role-playing groups and hosts several blogs.  In addition to writing, the author is also an artist, an introverted recluse, a self proclaimed empath and a foodie.

Author Pepper Pace’s Writing Feedback blog: http://pepperpacefeedback.blogspot.com/
Pepper Pace, author: http://pepperpace.tumblr.com/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/pepperpace/


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