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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday: Trae and Olivia

Trae approached the woman from behind, with purpose, keeping his steps methodical. “Welcome to The Club,” he whispered beside her ear.

Obviously startled, she jumped and barely stifled a scream, making an odd squeaking sound. “Oh, man, you scared me.”

Moving to face her, he gave her a sly smile. It had been his plan, because as nervous energy increased around her, her arousal intensified, too. She was a delectable treat. If someone spooked her again, she just might orgasm where she stood.

“Forgive me, I couldn’t resist.” He inhaled slowly, taking in her scent, the essence of her, like a drug. “I’m Trae.” He held his hand out to her.

Giving him a tentative smile, she slipped her hand into his. He encased her long, soft fingers with his own.

Her soft, brown gaze reached his face. “Olivia.”

“So, whose idea was it to come here?”

She fidgeted a little in her heels and looked at her hand, which he still held. However, she did nothing to try to pull it away.  “Mine. Kinda.”

He resisted the desire to pull her closer to his body, wanting her trust. “People come to The Club for different reasons.”

She swallowed and said, “It’s a ménage club. I would think everyone came for the same thing.” She frowned.

“But ménage holds so many different possibilities.” Taking his time, he emphasised each word to catch her reaction. “Style. Technique. Position. Level of intensity.”

Olivia bit down on the side of her lip as she listened to him.

He groaned and ended it with a small growl, allowing her to hear his pleasure. Lowering his gaze to where her sex was hidden beneath the tiny skirt, he noticed her squeezing her thighs together. He felt her arousal spike. Slowly, he lifted his gaze and met hers. Smiling, he let her know he knew how turned on she was.

She inhaled quickly, but exhaled more slowly, most likely in an attempt to calm herself. It barely decreased her response to him. He could smell it. He enjoyed the knowledge.

Continuing, he stroked the inside of her wrist with his fingers. “There are some who only want oral sex.” Another increase in the scent of her arousal. “Others want to be spanked.” No notable response. “Some people come here because they want a dual fucking.” Bingo.

Trae could not have mistaken her reaction to his last comment if he’d wanted to. Not only did her breathing turn to a near pant, but her sexual juices rushed between her legs so powerfully that the scent caused the head of every preternatural in the club to turn to her.

The attention on her caused him to pull her close. If he didn’t stake his claim on her, he’d find himself in a feral brawl, fighting all comers.

She whimpered as he brought her body against his.

“Olivia. We could dance around why you came, but that would just be wasting a lot of time when we could be relishing more pleasurable pursuits.”

Hesitantly, she asked, “So, how does this work?”

“I’m a gentleman. The lady gets to pick her other partner.” He lifted his other hand and stroked his thumb over her full bottom lip. “Choose quickly, or I will.”

Nodding, she took a moment to scan the room. First she glanced to the left, where he and his friends had been gathered. Then she looked to the right. He had the impression she was looking for someone specific.

“Him,” she called out. “The man that has the look of a sexy samurai.”

Shifting his gaze to locate the third she wanted for their trio, Trae spotted him sitting off to the side, at a table with two women.


“Pick someone else,” he barked. There were elemental reasons why the club was divided. He and most of the people there understood it, even if his pretty little rabbit didn’t. Though surely she knew the kind of people—the kind of creatures—who frequented this club?

“My choice,” she declared. “I want him.”

Trae couldn’t deny her wishes, verbally or physically.

Perhaps Olivia didn’t know how unusual her request was. It wasn’t something that was normally done…but it wasn’t the first time it had ever happened, either.

Glancing pointedly at Anton, he waited for the other man to meet his gaze. Anton’s hearing wasn’t as good as his own, but he would certainly know they were discussing him. Waiting for him.

It was a game that Anton and his comrades enjoyed playing. Manipulation. Testing his fucking patience as if they had all the time in the world.

Finally making eye contact, Anton leaned over and spoke to the ladies. Then he stood. In a blink, he was beside them.

Olivia gasped, looking from Anton to the table where he’d just been sitting.

Trae could almost hear her mind turning, trying to make sense of how Anton had crossed the room so fast. She really was deliciously naïve.

Taking a small step back, Trae introduced them. “Anton, this is Olivia.”

Olivia’s smile was sweet and trembled a little at the corners. She held out her free hand, the other still intertwined with Trae’s.

Anton took her hand but, instead of shaking it, he turned it over, palm-up. Leaning forward, he grazed her wrist with his lips. He paused for a moment, then straightened.

“How can I be of service to such a deliciously sensuous beauty?”

Oh, shit. If Olivia’s scent of arousal increased any further, Trae would bend her over and fuck her where she stood.

“Join us,” Olivia whispered.

His sexy rabbit was feeling more self-assured—which Trae would have liked more if it hadn’t involved their present company.

Lifting a single eyebrow, Anton moved his gaze from Olivia to Trae.

Trae bit out, “Her request, not mine.”

Still holding her hand, Anton pulled her to him and placed his lips against her ear. “Is that correct, Olivia?” He paused and caressed her neck with his lips. “Do you desire us both? Do you want us to bring you to a level of ecstasy you’ve never experienced before?”

Hearing Anton’s whispered question clearly, Trae waited for Olivia’s response.

She let out a husky confirmation. “Yes.”

“Then let’s go to more comfortable surroundings,” Anton said.


The Club
by Yvette Hines
Paranormal Romance, Menage (M/F/M)

When Trae finds his mate in the most unlikely time and place, nothing will stop him from claiming her.

Trae’s father, the current pack Alpha, is putting pressure on him to stop cavorting in the ménage club and find a mate. The responsibilities are weighing on him and Trae is starting to doubt whether he’ll find his mate before the time has run out on the ultimatum his father has given him.

Then Olivia, a human, walks into his life.

Olivia has a fantasy of being with two men at the same time. When her friend drags her to The Club to have her wildest desires fulfilled, the night turns out to be more than she expects. Trae, a wolf, and Anton, a vampire, are two sexy men who want to help bring her fantasy to life. However, when the true bite of passion shifts her life in a direction she never dreamed, can she trust her heart and the wolf that claims her as his?

Buy it here!

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