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Friday, May 11, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday: Roberto and Delilah

From "Slightly Sinful" by Yvette Hines

When her head bumped into something, she assumed she got too close to one of the smooth boulders on the edge of the small bay. Preparing to steer away, she wasn’t ready to feel hands on her waist, halting her as a person propelled out of the water. Strong hands held her backside pressed against a solid male form.

Demetrius found me.

“You looked too captivating over here all alone.” The voice was husky with only the slight hint of an accent.

Not Demetrius.

She attempted to face him, but the vise grip on her waist prevented it. “So, don’t I get to know who’s intruded in my secret garden?”

His chuckle, rich and masculine, rumbled through his chest and against her back before it ever left his mouth.

“No.” Pulling her tighter to him, he spoke in low tones next to her ear. “My only purpose now is to bring you to the screaming climax you have been yearning for since this evening began.”

Cocky as hell, aren’t we? “What makes you think I’m in the mood for an orgasm, or that I’ll even scream?”

He sent another vibration along her spine as the hair on his legs tickled her thighs and calves.

“Oh, you will.” His tongue glided down the curve of her shoulder. “You’ve been aroused since the volleyball game. Hmm, maybe before that.” A single palm slid up her stomach and cupped her breast. “Your nipples are very distinctive when they’re erect.”

Her breath hitched as he compressed the distended tip. “It’s the air and the water, rather than an internal need.” She denied the evidence, enjoying the word play with her faceless stranger.

He nipped the skin below her ear, causing her to lean her head to the side, giving him better access.

“And earlier tonight at dinner?” He spoke against her skin. “Every man could see them poking through your top as if they were pleading for someone to free them. You had half the men jerking off under the table.”

It was her turn to laugh. Her mystery man was observant. Her arousal had increased at dinner when she watched the man who’d arrived late. The man at dinner, the strong silent type, had caused her imagination to roam in various erotic fantasies. Pamela could have her Silverman. She wanted that man. Or this one would do for now. While the volleyball games had gone on, she’d looked for him but he wasn’t anywhere to be found. Thinking of him now caused her thighs to ache.

“Just the excitement of the island.” Clearing her mind, she relaxed against the man with her now as the water lapped against their bodies.

“Is that so?” His hand moved down her belly until it reached her sex. “Let’s just see.” His tongue laved the skin of her neck and shoulder as his fingers parted her swollen lips, toyed with her stiff clitoris. Venturing further, he discovered her slick heat.

Delilah couldn’t resist parting her legs to give him better access. Her desire from earlier had come back full force.

One of his fingers stroked her as he whispered, “If I’m to believe your words that you haven’t been aroused…” He caressed deeper down her folds.

She arched her pelvis toward his hand, wanting more. Not giving a damn that he knew how turned on she had become.

“Then all this is because of me. Hmm, I like that.” His thick finger entered her, pushing deep inside, while his palm ground against her clit.

Delilah grabbed his hand still massaging her breast as she joined in, squeezing his hand and arching her ass into his hard cock. “Now that you know, what do you plan to do about it?”

He rammed a second finger inside of her and pumped them fiercely in and out of her core causing her to melt against him. She had forgotten about treading water, his kicking legs now keeping them afloat.

“I wonder what other talents you have with that sassy mouth.” His hands continued to torment her with pleasure.

Her mind was cloudy with desire. It took everything in her power to hold off her orgasm. “I’m more than willing to show you.” Give you a sample of this kind of torture.


They were moving. At first she thought she was becoming delirious, but his strong legs kicked as his hands gave her no peace. When they arrived deeper into the curve of the inlet, he stopped them next to a boulder. She felt soft granules of the seafloor under her feet.

Removing their joined hands from her breast, he placed her hands on the rock. Delilah noticed the slight difference of their skin in the torchlight, hers pale compared to the deep tan of his.

“Hold on,” he instructed.

Delilah kept her palm pressed against the rock.

Both of his hands, now free, slid down her back then caressed her butt before moving between her thighs and parting them.

Her heart somersaulted as she thought of what he planned to do next.

“Have you ever been with a man who could hold his breath underwater for four full minutes?”

Instantly she began panting and her mind drew a vivid picture of the benefit of such an ability. “No.”

“Well, my beauty, there is a first time for everything.”

That was the last thing he said before he began giving her little kisses down her spine. She felt the difference on her skin once his lips breached the water.

Can he really do this?

About Slightly Sinful by Yvette Hines
Delilah Reynolds is days away from winning the contract of a lifetime with Torres Corporation. To set her mind at ease her best friend suggests she accompany her to a risqué weekend get-a-way on Cat Island in the Bahamas. Delilah agrees and finds herself in the arms of a mysterious stranger and an erotic night she will never forget. Soon she discovers her interior design company has not only won the contract, but Roberto Sanchez, her mystery man has stepped back into her life wanting more. No matter how much his sexual demands makes her throw caution to the wind, can she trust what she is feeling?
Roberto became captivated by a woman he’d seen once from afar. However, arrival at a close friend’s passion-filled weekend party and seeing the vivacious, auburn-haired, black woman in person flips his world upside down. He’s always preferred to live his life in shadows, secluding himself from the world. After a night of ecstasy with Delilah, she draws him out and makes him desire things he’d long deprived himself for growing success. Now, he’s willing to pull out all the stops until she can’t deny the attraction between them and yearns for something more--something like love.
Caution: This story is HIGHLY erotic; once you travel to Cat Island you may discover you don’t want to come back. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak of Slightly Sinful. If you'd like to read more pick up a copy at Amazon.

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