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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Releasing the Scottish Wulvers with Selena Kitt

Hello, Selena Kitt, welcome to SASSE Sheets. I appreciate you spending the day with us here. Readers have loved you for years and your naughty erotic shorts that push the boundaries. *smile* You have made a way for a lot of romance authors to express themselves freely in erotic writing.

SASSE: Please share with the readers a little about yourself. If you were not a romance/erotic writer, what would be your creative outlet?

Selena: I’ve been writing erotica and erotic romance since 2006. I started at Literotica, and was publishing on Amazon before the Kindle was even invented! If I wasn’t writing, I’d probably still be doing birth photography.  I was a doula and apprentice midwife before I started writing again. 

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SASSE: I love historical romance books and paranormal books. When I stumbled across your Highland Wolf Pact series it was like Christmas and my birthday all in one. I bought all three and started diving in. How did your muse convince you to take the readers on an adventure to 1500 Scotland? What sparked this series to life?

Selena: I was actually in a boxed set called “Highland Shifters.” The authors wanted to time the release with the premiere of Outlander, which we did.  The idea was to combine Scottish romance (which was entering into the mainstream with the STARZ series Outlander) and the popular shifter genre. 

SASSE: Tell us about Book 1, Highland Wolf Pact. What was your inspiration for this storyline?

Selena: My inspiration for the book came from doing a little Google research about werewolf lore in Scotland.  Interestingly, Scotland doesn’t have any real werewolf stories, but they do have legends about “helpful wolfmen” called “wulvers.” This piqued my interest, and I started imagining a race of wolf shifters hidden in the highlands.  My heroine came into being when I decided I wanted to something involving the ongoing conflict between England and Scotland that was so common in the 1500s.  King Henry VII had the idea of “marrying the border” (combining English and Scottish households) and had been sending English brides to Scottish lairds on the border in order to help decrease animosity.  Sibyl Blackthorne turned out to be quite a spunky female for the time period—of course, she had to be, to hold her own with a wulver like Raife!  After she’s promised in marriage by her uncle to a very cruel Scottish laird, circumstances take Sibyl out of the frying pan and into the fire, when she’s “rescued” by a wulver—and taken into an entirely new world!  I had a lot of fun researching and developing the wulver’s world.  Women in the 1500s didn’t have much of a choice/voice (like Sibyl getting married off without her consent) and so I found it interesting to make the female wulver situation parallel (female wulvers don’t have any choice about when they change/shift, and it’s tied to birth and their cycles).

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SASSE: Take a moment to tell us what your favorite scene to write in Book 2, Compromising Position.  

Selena: My favorite scene to write in that one was when Kirstin runs off on her own to find a way to be with Donal, which leads to—well, I can’t say much or I’ll spoil it.  I loved Kirstin as a character, and writing a romance between a she-wolf shifter and human male hero was a fun challenge.  I got a chance to more fully develop the wulver lore in this one, and Kirstin as “healer” played a large part in that. 

SASSE: Have you ever been to Scotland? If not, is it a place you plan to visit one day?

Selena: No, I never have.  I’m far from a world traveler, I’m afraid.  Airplanes scare me.  But maybe I’ll take a trip across the ocean someday.  It would be fun!

SASSE: Last but just as good a book as the other two. What was the most challenging or difficult part to write in Book 3, Blood Reign?

Selena: The fight scene—when our heroine Bridgit meets our wulver hero, Griff.  (Griff is actually
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Raife’s son – Raife from book one). But I loved making Bridgit a warrior-in-training.  How often do you meet the man you love by being forced to fight him? Great scene, but I’m not an action writer, and you can probably tell.  Blood Reign, I think, is my favorite.  I loved Sibyl and Raife – but Raife’s son, Griff, might even be hotter.  And I adore Bridgit as a character.  She was a blast to write.

SASSE: I would like to thank you for the time to sit and chat. Keep up the excellent writing work! What is next for you that readers can expect?

Selena: I am working on two more in the Divine Vampires series.  Blood of Angels and Kiss of Angels are out now.  And I have a new release, Step Beast that just came out.  And if you haven’t picked it up yet, Highland Wolf Pact is on sale for $0.99!

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  1. Thanks, it was great talking to you about this series, Yvette!

  2. No problem. I've loved this series and it was an honor to be able to pick your brain about it. Totally fascinating. Readers you won't go wrong getting this series. :)


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