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Friday, April 17, 2015


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Hello, Sydney Addae, welcome to SASSE Sheets. I appreciate you spending the day with us here. Before we get started with our talk on your intensely, captivating paranormal series let’s get you something to drink…Wine or Beer?

Sydney: Wine lol

SASSE: Tell the readers a little about yourself. If you were not a romance writer, what would be your creative outlet?

Sydney: Hmmm, I think I would be an editor or perhaps a graphic artist. Reading is my passion and I cannot stay away from books. I have always been addicted to paranormal stories, shifters and vamps mostly. But lately I read some interesting Sucubus, demons and gargyle stories that were well written and interesting. Lots of great reads out there.

SASSE: What is a review or comment you have gotten from a reader about your stories that warms your heart and keeps you motivated?

Sydney: I would say the ones who really appreciate the fact the heroine is an older woman with adult kids. Jasmine represents a large portion of my reader base, independent, a mother, a wife with huge responsibilities to a stubborn mate. I’ve received quite a few personal notes telling me how much they appreciate seeing an older heroine with common sense. (laughs)

SASSE:  Can you explain to the readers about the The La Patron series? How did this paranormal series come about?

Sydney: Sure, I am hooked on interracial romance and paranormal romances. So I knew that would be the genre I would write. I wanted an older heroine with kids. To me that’s where the rubber hit the road, merging a family with an alpha shifter. I played around with characters, their backgrounds and personalities until I came up with Jasmine and later Silas. Once I created those two I could see how they’d clash and come together in the future. My vision of the wolf nation is huge, schools, colleges, stores, this group would be completely self contained within the confines of another nation. Under Silas’ leadership, they thrive and remain invisible in plain site. There are so many stories to be told beneath this umbrella, and I am having a lot of fun with it.

SASSE: Your “Birth” shifters are not just the regular run of the mill but intense and deal with areas outside of the pride issues like government agency. Are you a big political or crime show watcher?

Sydney: No, I’m not. I read and watch specific shows but that’s about it. To maintain a certain amount of realism, the government and politics must be mentioned and dealt with. But there will be a twist since Silas is older than the country. He was smart enough to put certain things in place to insure they survive.

SASSE: What was the most emotional challenging book to write out of the six of them?

Sydney: BirthStones was emotionally challenging because Jasmine’s mother came for the christening at the same time Asia doubted her worth and wanted to die. Jasmine’s mother was an unwilling pawn and suffered. Any time I deal with those type issues it impacts me.

SASSE: When readers read your stories, what is a common theme that you want them to walk away with?

Sydney: You can make it with love and family.

SASSE: Before we go, set up the next series you are giving the readers “La Patron’s Sword”.

Sydney: Sword of Justice is the final book in the Sword Series and is available April 15th, 2015. Now that Asia and her den have returned to the compound, KnightForces kick in.

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  1. Well Hello there madam it is a breath of fresh air listening to you talk. I just got your free book and waiting for my book allowance to come so I can get the rest. Love the fact it is of a mature woman with younguns and a shifter book to boot. Yes I see myself sinking my teeth into this series real soon. God bless and Yvette, you already know....love u doll


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